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What’s up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks


During February we enjoyed being in South Florida
Jim went scuba diving several times with his life-long dive buddy Jimmy L. I’m happy to have our freezer re-stocked with the lobsters they caught! The photo above was taken at Ding Darling wildlife refuge. Thanks to Prudence G for taking us there at the perfect almost-sunset time for pictures! The shot was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra using the 10X zoom lens. Those pelicans were a ways
Classes in February
During the past month we presented 1 private classes over Zoom on using Snapseed for Photo editing.  You can review the class materials at the link below. They will be public until mid-March when it changes to members only. We also presented some in-Person classes at Riverside RV in Arcadia, Florida.
In this newsletter:
As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  1. Ten Practical tips for Smartphone Photography
  2. Blast from the Past – TechnoGeek Rally in 2012!
  3. Quick tip for WiFi and Bluetooth
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What’s coming up – Our Calendar March 2022

We’re Presenting Online and Live
Things are all online on our calendar this month.
  • Mar 20, 2pm ET- Episode 231 of What Does This Button Do?
  • Mar 20, 3pm ET Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • Mar 21, 3pm ET Google Photos Live Q&A
  • Apr 3, 2pm ET- Episode 232 of What Does This Button Do?
  • Apr 3, 3pm ET Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • Apr 24, 2pm ET- Episode 233 of What Does This Button Do?
  • Apr 24, 3pm ET Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
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Ask the Geeks Q&A forum.

Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit of membership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions

  1. Storage Question
  2. Getting Old Photos in Chronological Order
  3. Adding to Information in a Shared Album
  4. Google Drive for Desktop not working
  5. Smartphone Protection

10 Practical Tips for Smartphone Photography

In your pocket you have one of the best cameras ever made. I was in a conversation with a couple recently who traveled to some exotic location together. The husband is a professional photographer with thousands of dollars worth of lenses and other heavy camera equipment. His wife snapped many of the same locations with her smartphone.
The husband, sounding quite dismayed, said he preferred many of her photos to his!

Check out the article and see how many of these 10 you’re already doing!

Quick Tip for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Do you ever find it aggravating when you need to connect your phone to a WiFi signal or a Bluetooth device that it is so many steps? I mean there is a shortcut button for WiFi and for Bluetooth,  but tapping either of those just turns the feature on or off.  If you need to select a WiFi network or a
Bluetooth device you need to go to settings,  connections,  WiFi or Bluetooth,  and only then will you see the choices of networks or devices.

Blast from the Past – TechnoGeek Learning Rally in 2012

In 2012 and 2013 we joined forces with TechnoRV and held 3 week-long RV rallies with food, partying, and lots of technology classes. Read all about it here and watch the 3 minute video below. Those were the days!!

Praise for our Google Photos Book
We were so excited to get this email from Sue Hepler. So I don’t have to tell you about how good my book is! You can listen to Sue!
 “I just received my new Google Photos book from you.  Came home, heated up a cup of soup, plopped down at the table and opened your book for the first time.  I just grabbed a chunk of pages at random and came to Chapter 5.  I read page 73 about archiving.  I’ve never used archive before because I didn’t really understand it and didn’t think I’d ever need it.  Now I think it is a MIRACLE!!!!
My biggest problem of scrolling through all our photos by date is the issue of seeing all the housewatch photos we take on a daily basis.  NOW (thanks to you) I know I just have to select them and hit archive.  I still have the photos if I should need them for future reference but I don’t have to scroll through them all to get to the one or two photos I took that I want for my blog or for personal use.
THANK YOU!!!!  If I hadn’t ordered your book, I would never have realized a simple solution to my ongoing problem (annoyance).
You remain WONDER WOMAN in my world.  I am a HUGE fan.
Sue Hepler”
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