Geeks on Tour – 15 Year Anniversary

GeeksOnTour website in 2007
Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I can show you what our website looked like in 2007

The website first went online in 2007, but Jim and I have been in the technology training and support business since the early 80s. This 15 year anniversary is motivating me to drag out all sorts of memorabilia.

Take a look at one of our very first GeeksOnTour newsletters. It just goes to show you that the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

And how about our earliest tutorial videos! Video 001 (out of the current 729) is all about customizing your windows desktop. How to change the wallpaper, add shortcut icons, and use the taskbar. The video was recorded using Windows XP, but it’s surprising how applicable it still is. Video 012 is about Cut, Copy, and Paste – another universal topic. And #008 is one of my favorite topics, Blogs!

In the beginning, we taught about using computers, now it’s almost all about smartphones. In 2014, we started our Live-Streaming YouTube show called “What Does This Button Do?” Episode 1 was “The Home Button and iPad Printing” Our most popular episode was Episode 66 How do I learn Smartphone Basics?.

The Rest of the Story

15 years of is an eternity in the online business space. Before that we were “Campground Computer Heroes.” Before that we were Computer Savvy. And, in 1983 Chris and her Mom started “Computer Workshop.” That’s nearly 40 years in technology training and support. I’ve compiled an annotated photo album to tell you the Rest of the Story.

Click here to view the photo album that starts in 1983 and takes our story thru 2020.

While we’re spending time at home, I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of history. First with Geeks on Tour online newsletters and blog posts, then with Computer Savvy printed newsletters. Over the next few months I’m going to share a few of those for any of you who may be interested. This month I’m gathering some of the content related to the years when Geeks on Tour first got started – 2004-2007. Our Creation Myth!

For those of you we’ve met along the way, thank you! What a full life you’ve given us. And, thanks especially to our premium members who make it all possible. We’re so glad that Zoom gives us the ability to continue meeting “in person.” See you online!

Button Show 229 will be our Anniversary Episode

For Episode 229 of our YouTube “Button” Show, we are planning to take a look at these 40 years of Technology Training! Mark your calendar for Feb 13, 2022 at 2pm Eastern and join us for this live-streaming show.