Have you thought about live-streaming? With Streamyard, it’s easier than you think.

Have you ever taught a class or spoken up at a meeting about a topic of interest? Might you want to reach a bigger audience on that topic? How would you like to have an informal group of people who talk about that topic and broadcast their discussions to anyone else who is interested – anywhere in the world. And, you can do it for free!

What is Live Streaming

Your ‘show’ starts out live and unedited – think SNL (Saturday Night Live.) People who subscribe to your YouTube channel get a notice on their phones and computer – “Chris and Jim are LIVE, click here to watch.” Live Streaming is easier to produce because you don’t do any editing. Live Streams can get more people watching because there’s a sense of urgency and viewers can ask questions that can be answered during the live show. When you’re done, it’s automatically recorded and anyone can watch the recording at any time.

We use a product called Streamyard to do our YouTube show. If you watched Episode 225 a couple weeks ago you saw our neighbor, Keith, talk about how he decided to do a video podcast when Covid shut down his business. Streamyard made it almost effortless to broadcast a weekly show. One year later, his show often has 20,000 viewers!

Keith learned that, using Streamyard, he could live stream to Facebook as well as YouTube, and it was easy to do. Since he started with Zoom, he was accustomed to video and wanted people to watch. But, he was encouraged to have an audio only podcast and, guess what? Streamyard gave him the ability to download just the audio from the Live video show. Then he uploads that audio to another system called Buzzsprout that provides the platform for delivering the podcast.

Here is a 7 minute video that demonstrates the basics of using Streamyard to Live stream

If you want to learn more, there are lots of learning materials at Streamyard.com. We also recommend our friends at TinkeringWithTech.net. They’re the ones who taught us!