2021 Dec 8 Presentation to Sun City Center computer club: LastPass

In today’s world where we all have dozens, if not hundreds, of passwords to remember, we think it is crucial to use a password manager. If you’re counting on yourself to create and remember your passwords, you’re probably using passwords that are too simple, and you’re likely using the same password for multiple sites. Using a password manager, like LastPass, means that you can have long, complex passwords that are different for every site because LastPass is remembering them for you. All you need to remember is the one master password.

Below is our slide deck that we used for our Presentation to the Sun City Center Computer Club on Dec 8 2021. Use the arrows at the bottom left to go from slide to slide. Use the 3-dot menu then “Enter full screen” for best viewing. Throughout the slides there are live links that open videos and other resources making this a complete resource for the class.