November 2021 News: Motion Photos, Bitcoin symbol, Notifications and more!

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Roadtrek Rally and enjoying Florida

There’s a reason we live in South Florida. We love the warmth and the ocean. We took our kayaks out into the ocean a couple of times this past month. Then we were booked for a Roadtrek Rally in Sarasota. We had a very attentive audience for learning about Trip Planning, managing photos with Google Photos, and a slew of smartphone tips and tricks. You can see the class materials at

After the rally we took an afternoon to visit the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, then headed for the Thousand Trails park at Peace River for a couple of nights before heading home.
In this newsletter:
As usual, we have an eclectic mix of smartphone and technology tips for you.
  1. Since our next YouTube episode is about Live and Motion photos, we’re delivering a quick tip about saving a motion photo as an animated gif.
  2. Then, as a follow up to last week’s show on smartphone keyboards, we have a tip on how to type the Bitcoin symbol ₿ on an iPhone.
  3. Our third tip is about controlling notifications on your phone.
  4. And, last but not least is video that shows how Live view on Google Maps can superimpose directions on top of the real life scene in front of you.

What Does This Button Do? (YouTube shows)

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  • Nov 15, 3pm ET- Google Photos: Ask Chris Anything Live
  • Nov 16, 1:30 ET – Senior Planet Lunch and Learn: Time Zones
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  2. Free Up Space on Android
  3. Google Drive Checking Sync and Photos
  4. Sharing iPhone Plan
  5. Adding Symbols to Picasa Captions
How to make an animated gif from a motion photo using Samsung Gallery
Most Samsung phones have a camera mode called “Motion Photo.” When it’s on and you snap a photo, it captures a few seconds of video as well. Once you have a motion photo, there are many ways you can view and use it. This short article is about the Samsung Gallery app and how to create an
animated .gif.
To learn more about Android Motion photos, iPhone Live photos and how Google Photos can work with both of them, make sure to watch Episode 223 of What Does This Button Do? This Sunday, November 7, at 2pm Eastern.

How to type the Bitcoin symbol ₿ with your iPhone

We use the $ symbol all the time. On the iPhone’s keyboard, you’ll find it by first tapping the [123] key. If you then hold down on the $ key, you will see other currency symbols, such as: ¢£¥

But, what if you want the Bitcoin ₿ symbol?

Sometimes you want your phone to beep and sometimes you don’t
When we were doing our Smartphone Help Desk duties at a recent rally, someone had this question:
“I don’t like that my phone beeps a loud notification every time I get an email. Emails aren’t that important. When I receive a Text message though, I do want a notification sound. Can I do that – turn off sounds for email and turn them on for Texts?”
This article gives step by step instructions on how to accomplish this on both Android and iOS.
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