How to type the Bitcoin symbol ₿ with your iPhone

Bitcoin joins other currency symbols

We use the $ symbol all the time. On the iPhone’s keyboard, you’ll find it by first tapping the [123] key. If you then hold down on the $ key, you will see other currency symbols, such as: ¢£¥

But, what if you want the Bitcoin symbol?

If you have the Google Keyboard installed – GBoard – you will also see the Bitcoin symbol when holding down on the $ key. Pretty cool.

If you don’t have GBoard on your iPhone, here’s how to install it:

  • Go to the App store and get the GBoard app
  • Next you open your settings, General, Keyboard, select the GBoard keyboard and Allow Full Access.
  • When you’re on a screen with keyboard, and you don’t see the multicolored G that indicates GBoard, you need to longpress on the globe button to the left of the spacebar and drag up to select Gboard.
  • Now – when you longpress on the $, you will see the Bitcoin symbol.

For further information on the GBoard keyboard, see Episode 164 of What Does This Button Do? Also member video 556.SM-iOS Install Gboard. Note: the Bitcoin symbol is not available on the Android version of GBoard … yet.

On a computer, you can get the Bitcoin symbol using Microsoft Word and the Insert Symbol command. Then copy that and paste it wherever you want, like here: ₿

To learn more about Bitcoin, see Episode 206 of our “What Does This Button Do?” show. Also read The Future is Faster than you think. Also read Blockchain Revolution, and watch the author’s TED talk, “How the blockchain is changing money and business.”