How to make an animated gif from a motion photo using Samsung Gallery.

Updated Oct 2022

Most Samsung phones have a camera mode called “Motion Photo.” When it’s on and you snap a photo, it captures a few seconds of video as well. Once you have a motion photo, there are many ways you can view and use it – see Episode 123 of our YouTube show. This short article is about the Samsung Gallery app and how to create an animated .gif.

The still part of the motion photo

The motion part turned into an animated .gif

The Samsung Gallery app can make the animated gif

Open a motion photo using the Samsung Gallery app, then

  • Tap the button to “View Motion Photo”.
  • Tap the 3-dot “More” menu and select Export
  • Now you’ll see an option for GIF. All you have to do is tap that, then tap Save or Share at the top.
  • But, before you save or share, notice that you can slide either the beginning marker or the end marker to trim the beginning or end of the .gif.
  • The .gif will be saved in a gif folder. Look in “Albums” in the Gallery. In Google Photos, you should see it in the photos grid next to the original

Looking for the motion photo setting?

Not all Samsung phones will have this feature. If yours does, you will find it one of two ways:

  1. With a button at the top of the camera
  2. By turning on a setting for Motion photo

Learn more …

Make sure to watch our YouTube show, Episode 223 where we go into much more detail about both Android “Motion” photos, iPhone “Live” photos, and how Google Photos can work with both of them. We will be recording this show live on Sunday, November 7 at 2pm Eastern time.