HHICC – Google Photos presentation about gathering old photo prints

This presentation is for Hilton Head Island Computer Club, presented on Monday 11/22/21.

Do you have old photo albums? How about shoeboxes with old photo prints? Wouldn’t it be nice for those photos to be in Google Photos and viewable from any device? Chris and Jim from GeeksOnTour.com will show you how you can use your smartphone to snap photos of the pictures without even taking them out of the album. That way they can be automatically uploaded to Google Photos. If you have folders full of old digital photos on your computer, we’ll also show you how to upload them directly to Google Photos. Think of Google Photos like a magic attic. Your job is to get all your photos up there, then Google works its magic to sort them all by date and make them searchable by what’s in the photo.

Slide Presentation – complete with links to videos

Link to the Book, including free .pdf for Geeks’ Members

Article about uploading folders from computer to Google Photos albums

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