Google Photos Open Q&A 11-15-21

Slide Deck for the intro to the class

  1. 0:00 Begin
  2. 5:36 How to delete photos from my Android without deleting them from Google Photos
  3. 11:25 How to share a Google Photos album in Facebook
  4. 13:15 Why partner photos aren’t showing
  5. 16:30 When is the trashcan the right way to delete photos?
  6. 17:24 How to transfer photos from my iPhone to my Computer
  7. 23:06 How to find albums when you’re adding photos
  8. 26:22 How to delete photos when they’re in an album
  9. 27:32 How to share multiple albums at once
  10. 34:30 How do I find the “memories” that Google shows me
  11. 37:32 What happened to Picasa
  12. 39:11 How to manually back up a photo
  13. 40:34 How to delete (not remove) a photo in an album
  14. 42:21 Transferring Picasa photos from one computer to another
  15. 44:00 How do you use a photo to go to google maps at that location
  16. 45:58 Does the live book feature work on the Kindle App on iPad
  17. 46:36 Using the multiple-albums-on-a-web-page will viewers also see comments?
  18. 47:58 Any easy way to transfer photos to Microsoft cloud?
  19. 49:09 Can Windows photos display my Google Photos
  20. 50:09 Explain comments/notes
  21. 51:04 Where is Partner Sharing
  22. 51:46 How to get the Kindle version of Learn Google Photos book
  23. 52:45 Does partner sharing count against the 15GB free storage?
  24. 54:20 article about What happens to my Google Photos if I don’t pay for storage?
  25. 55:46 Sorting albums
  26. 57:57 What happens to your photos when you die?
  27. 58:53 How to identify duplicates
  28. 1:00:22 How to focus a fuzzy photo