224. HodgePodge of Tech Tips

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 0:57 Magnifying your phone’s screen
  • 5:05 Intro – hello
  • 9:26 Transferring photos from Camera to smartphone
  • 16:16 Chris’ new phone Samsung S21 Ultra
  • 17:48 Motion Stills app
  • 21:13 Deleting photos with Google Photos
  • 28:54 Emergency contacts on your Lock screen
  • 35:28 USB drive for your phone to back it up
  • 40:14 When Lastpass doesn’t work
  • 42:47 Camera shortcuts
  • 45:19 Camera settings for scanning QR codes
  • 47:02 How to get the Learn Google Photos book (LearnGooglePhotos.com)
  • 48:01 Review questions

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