223. Why do my photos move?

Android Motion Photos and iPhone Live Photos are settings that provide some cool effects. Learn about it in this episode of What Does This Button Do?

  • 0:00 Start
  • 1:04 How to make soft water photo
  • 3:05 Intro and hello
  • 6:29 Overview: why do my photos move?
  • 8:59 Taking Live Photos with iPhone
  • 14:42 What you can do with a live photo using Apple Photos
  • 19:55 Taking motion photos with Android/Samsung
  • 24:51 What you can do with a motion photo using Samsung Gallery
  • 29:32 Google Photos and live/motion photos
  • 35:13 Discussion of camera apps
  • 37:04 Sharing motion/live photos
  • 42:47 Summary – why use motion/live photos
  • 46:45 Review questions

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