How to use Google Calendar in multiple time zones

by Chris Guld,

Create calendar events using the time AND the time zone.

Scenario: you are planning a visit to Buenos Aires and you’ve arranged to meet your friend Lisa for dinner at 6pm. You’re still in Denver when you make this date and you want to enter it in your calendar.

So, what’s the problem?

As you can see with the instructions above, it’s very clear how to enter an appointment in a different time zone. The problem is that, when you look at the calendar right after you create the entry, it won’t say 6pm because I’m not in Buenos Aires yet. On my calendar it says I’m having dinner with Lisa at 3pm! Don’t be confused. The calendar is displaying time according to where I am, the current time for my calendar is Mountain Time Zone. How do you see, and/or change, the calendar’s time zone? In the settings:

This is working exactly as intended. Think about it – if you weren’t physically traveling to Buenos Aires, but Lisa asked if you could join her on a Zoom call at 6p her time, you would want your calendar to alert you at 3 because there is 3 hours difference between your locations.

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