214. Using the Kindle App on smartphones

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You’ll learn how to read, control, and annotate Kindle Books on your phone. We’ll use the new Learn Google Photos 2021 Kindle Edition to demonstrate the Kindle app on your smartphone.

  • 0:00 Beginning
  • 2:38 Quick tip: A home screen widget for your Kindle book
  • 8:08 Kindle vs Phone
  • 9:36 How to buy Kindle books on the iPhone
  • 14:21 Demo on Android: Highlighting, Search, Page Flip, X-ray look up person or word
  • 23:08 Adjusting text for readability on phones
  • 27:24 Lock rotation, turn pages with volume controls
  • 31:33 Learn Google Photos in Kindle version, search, bookmarks, links
  • 48:45 Review Questions – Look up words, people, and places while you read.

– Track your reading progress. – Bookmark places you want to revisit, – Make highlights and take notes throughout your book. – Hop, skim, and jump with Page Flip. – Zoom in on high-definition color images in Kindle books – Sync your books across devices. – When you can’t read, listen.

2:38 Quick tip: A home screen widget for your Kindle book

  • Available for iPhones only – you can add a widget to your home screen for the Kindle book you are currently reading.
  • Long press anywhere on the screen that is blank, your icons will start wiggling
  • Tap the + in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Find the widget you want in the list and tap it.

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8:08 Kindle vs Phone

Kindle devices are dedicated devices just for reading books, but you don’t need to have the device to read the books. There’s a free Kindle app for both Android and iOS. If you have a tablet, like an iPad – you have the big screen too! Chris says she actually prefers reading on the small screen of the phone because she can hold it in one hand.

9:36 How to buy Kindle books on the iPhone

525.SM-Tip Buying a Book on the Kindle App

The Kindle app on the iOS platform does not have a “store” – so you can’t buy a new book from there. What you need to do on your iPhone then is to go to Amazon.com in a browser – buy the book there, then it will show up in your library in the Kindle app.

14:21 Demo on Android: Highlighting, Search, Page Flip, X-ray look up person or word

  • Search – tap anywhere on the screen when your book is showing and the tools will appear at the top and bottom. Tap the magnifying glass icon to search – type a search term and ‘search.’ It will show you all occurrences of that term throughout the book.
  • Hop, Skip, and Jump with Page Flip – when you’ve moved to somewhere else in the book, you will see a button appear to “go back to ___”
  • Bookmark, Highlight, Make a note
  • Look up word, person, place (X-Ray) – When you’ve forgotten who a character is, you can long press on his/her name and something called X-ray pops up with the text where that character has appeared in the book. You can even tap X-ray and then see ALL of the occurrences of that character in the book.
    You can also long press on confusing words and a dictionary definition will pop up. The first time you do this you will be prompted to download the dictionary.
  • Share a selection – to select any passage in the book just long press at the beginning and you’ll see begin/end markers. Drag the markers to the beginning and end of your desired passage. Now you can share that passage, or just mark it to your notebook. You can even share all the highlighted passages in your notebook by opening notebook and tapping the share button from there.

23:08 Adjusting text for readability on phones

566.SM-Think you can’t read a Kindle book on your Smartphone? Think again.

There are many options for how to display the text in your Kindle book, just tap the Aa button at the top (tap anywhere to see those buttons) You can change brightness, you can change the background color and text color, you can adjust the size of the text.

27:24 Lock rotation, turn pages with volume controls

To stop the text from rotating when you lean sideways, tap the Aa button, then Layout and Orientation Lock. Also in the Aa button under More you can select “turn page with volume control” – this appears to be available on Android only.

31:33 Learn Google Photos in Kindle version, search, bookmarks, links

Reading our Learn Google Photos book in the Kindle version has several advantages. First of all, it’s only $7.95, then you have all the tools for finding content and annotating the book.

  • Use Search to find information
  • Bookmark places with information you might want to go back to, just by tapping the top right corner. Then, to see all your bookmarks, tap the Notebook button. That shows you bookmarks and highlights. To see just bookmarks, tap the filters button and select bookmarks.
  • Live Links: Since you’re using a smartphone or tablet, you can click on links to go to online resources including YouTube videos.
  • Select passages to share – let’s say you’ve found the answer to a friend’s question in the book. You can highlight that section and share to your friend.
  • Write notes: for example when you learn that “High Quality” has been changed to “Storage Saver” you can find (by searching) the term “High Quality” wherever it appears in the book, long press to select it, then add a note “Now called Storage Saver.”
  • Highlighting with different colors. There is a setting for highlighting under the Aa button then More and Highlight menu. If the menu is on, you will need to choose a color. If the menu is off it highlights automatically.

Question: how to send a document to my Kindle? Here is Amazon’s answer.

How to send a document to your Kindle:

Listen to books:

  • Purchase the Audible edition, if Audible is available for the specific book, you will see the option to add it when you buy the book at Kindle.
  • Have your phone “read” it to you. If the Audible edition does not exist, or you don’t want it, your phone can read the book to you using a computerized voice.
    • iPhone: Settings, Accessibility, Spoken content. Turn on Speak selection, Speak screen and Speech controller. From now on, you will see a little play button that floats on your screen (the speech controller) tap that to play what’s on the screen.
    • Android: Settings, Accessibility, [Installed services], select to speak = on. You will now see a little “accessibility” man in the very lower right corner (if not, you swipe up with 2 fingers) – when your book is open, tap the accessibility man or swipe up with 2 fingers, then tap play and a voice should be reading your screen.

48:45 Review Questions

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