Presenting 4 tech seminars at an RV Rally

FMCA is an association of Family RVers. It is because of FMCA that Geeks on Tour exists. You can read some of the history in this personal blog post: Geeks on Tour–Ten Years Teaching Technology to Travelers. So, it felt like old home week when we were able to attend the March rally in Perry, GA. When we get to Perry we go straight to our spot. Most people attending a large RV rally like this are a little lost, but we’ve done this rally, in this location, at least 4 times: 2018201620142011. It’s beautiful weather and we are quite happy to be here.

In case you’ve never been to an RV rally, let me explain. It’s like any industry convention, but there’s no need for hotel rooms, everyone brings their own! Hundreds, or even thousands of RVs find parking places at a state fairgrounds or similar venue. There are social events, food, entertainment, and seminars. We’re there to present seminars.

At this rally in Perry, we were scheduled to present 4 seminars:

  1. Smartphone Photography: take a good shot and make it better
  2. How to remember and share your travels with photos, maps, and a Blog
  3. How to Organize your Photos using Google Photos
  4. How do I make my own custom Google Map

In the past, we’ve always had a printed handout for each seminar. This year we decided to make the handout available on a web page instead. And, because we can, we include the slides and the videos on that same web page. So, if you attended the seminar and wanted to review the material later, that’s available. And, if you didn’t attend, you could still learn a lot by reviewing the materials.

Check it out

The page where you’ll find all the seminar materials for the seminars we presented for FMCA is:

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below if you learned anything by visiting the page with the seminar materials.