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March with Jim and Chris – the Geeks
Springtime travel
Since we’re both vaccinated now we feel good to travel. March was the FMCA RV convention in Perry, GA. We traveled there in our little RV, had gorgeous weather, and presented 4 seminars. Read more and see how you can access all four seminars in the article below: Presenting 4 seminars at an RV Rally.
On the way home we stopped at a friend’s near Gainesville, Florida and were in awe of the stunning Azaleas – thus the photos above.
Club Presentations
We presented several seminars over zoom for computer clubs – and you can benefit by visiting GeeksOnTour.com/clubs – you will see what topics we presented for which clubs AND you’ll be able to access all the class materials we used. It’s quite a resource – check it out!
What Does This Button Do? (YouTube shows)
Mar 21 #209 How wearable technology can improve your health in 2021 with Dr. Ron Brown
On our Learn Google Photos YouTube channel we offer a monthly live “Ask Chris Anything” on the 3d Monday at 3pm Eastern.
Mar 15 Learn Google Photos open Q&A (make sure to use the chapter links in the description.)
New Tutorial Videos

What’s coming up – Our Calendar March/April 2021
We’re Presenting LIVE – online and in person!
Lots of stuff on our calendar this month!
  • April 11, 2pm ET – Episode 210 of What Does This Button Do?
  • April 11, 3pm ET – Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • April 12, 1:30pm ET – Senior Planet Colorado How to make a blog with Blogger (Zoom)
  • April 19, 3pm ET – Google Photos Live Q&A streaming to Facebook and YouTube. Chris will demo and take questions.
  • April 23, 10am ET – Deerfield Beach Computer Club Topic TBD (Zoom)
  • April 25, 2pm ET – Episode 211 of What Does This Button Do?
  • April 25, 3pm ET – Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • April 30, 3pm ET – GOT Member Orientation Zoom Meeting for all Premium Members
  • May 4, 1:30pm ET – Senior Planet Colorado Hodgepodge of Smartphone Tips (Zoom)
  • May 6 7:30 pm ET – Cajun Clickers Computer Club – upcoming changes in Google Photos (Zoom)
  • May 9, 2pm ET – Episode 212 of What Does This Button Do?
  • May 9, 3pm ET – Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • May 17, 3pm ET – Google Photos Live Q&A streaming to Facebook and YouTube. Chris will demo and take questions.
  • May 23, 2pm ET – Episode 213 of What Does This Button Do?
  • May 23, 3pm ET – Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • May 28, 3pm ET – GOT Member Orientation Zoom Meeting for all Premium Members
Live YouTube Shows Sundays at 2pm Eastern time “The Button Show”
April 11th and 25th
May 9th and 23rd
Stay safe. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

Ask the GeeksAsk the Geeks Q&A forum. Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit of membership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions

It’s time to upload all those photos from your computer to Google Photos.
In Chris’ book: Learn Google Photos, Chapters 1, 2, and 3 are all about gathering your lifetime of photos into one place, your Google Photos account. Chapter 1 teaches you about your Google Account. Chapter 2 is about how to automatically gather all the photos taken with your phone – it’s easy – just install the Google Photos app and
turn it on!
Upload all photos from your computer now
If all the photos you’ve ever taken are on your phone, then you’re done. But, most of us have many years worth of digital photos stored on our computers also. The goal is to have your entire life’s collection of photos in your Google Photos. So, how do you get those photos from the computer to your Google account? Read this article to find out. We’ve taken an excerpt from Chapter 3 to tell you how to set up some automatic software that will gather all the photos found on your computer and
copy them to the cloud in your Google Photos account.
Now is the time to do this! If you use the “High Quality” size setting, then all the photos and videos that you upload now will be stored forever free! That changes on June 1, so, read the article and do it now!

How will wearable technology improve your health in 2021?
We wear a watch to tell the time, right? You can also wear a watch today to tell you your heart rate, your blood oxygen level, and whether you have Atrial Fibrillation. You can also see your patterns of heart rate, blood oxygen, and level of sleep all night long, possibly alerting you to future problems.
Learn all about it from our friend, Ron Brown MD, in episode 209 of our “What Does This Button Do?” show.
He even expects the Apple Watch to be able to do bloodless blood sugar monitoring later this year. This will be a game-changer for people with diabetes, saving billions of dollars and oh-so-many headaches with blood-sugar testing.

A quick video about the Apple Watch and heart monitoring

Presenting four seminars at an RV Rally
We actually taught seminars live and face to face this last month, but just because you weren’t there doesn’t mean you can’t benefit also. Read this article and you’ll discover how you can get free access to all the class materials for the four seminars we presented:
  1. Smartphone Photography: take a good shot and make it better
  2. How to remember and share your travels with photos, maps, and a Blog
  3. How to Organize your Photos using Google Photos
  4. How do I make my own custom Google Map

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