Learn more with help from our friends

People often ask us, “How do you keep up? How do you learn?”

Our first answer is that we’ve been fanatic about technology since the early 80s. Both Jim and Chris have made their living in the technology support industry since those years. We live and breathe technology and soak it up like a sponge. We read incessantly, watch others’ videos and follow other YouTubers. And, we play. We download software and play with it. I recently bought an Apple watch so I could play with it. Jim bought a 3D printer for the same reason.

We also depend on our friends. These are people we have met over the years who share our passion for learning (and teaching) technology. We’ll start this month by telling you about 2 of them.

Tinkering with Tech

We need to keep making, and improving, our videos and our live-streaming on YouTube. We learn a lot in this area from Michael Daniels and Heather Kraafter, aka Tinkering with Tech. Michael is amazing with his mastery of all things Google as well as all the special tools for video production and Live Streaming such as Camtasia, YouTube, Streamyard, OBS, Stream Deck, and many more. Heather has been live-streaming her craft show for many years and If you are a content creator and want to keep up with the latest tech, you can’t do better than to join the Tinkering with Tech group to get daily tips and weekly workshops on the most important tools and techniques.

We’ve known Michael for many years, first interacting in the Google Plus group that got together to learn about using Hangouts on Air. When that was discontinued, he helped us learn OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) and other tools. You can learn lots from their public website at TinkeringWithTech.net, but the real benefit comes from joining the private community for $10/mo then you get to attend meetings and get personalized help and support. To find out more, visit the public website and scroll down. You’ll see a video that explains it all, and a button to Join Now.

Tech for Seniors

What’s going on? Give me ideas! Tech for Seniors is a weekly, one hour variety show of Tech tips for seniors. It is hosted by Ron Brown and Hewie Poplock. We’ve known Ron and Hewie for many years through their computer clubs where we have presented seminars. Whenever we are free on Monday mornings, we join their Zoom meeting and relax as Ron, Hewie, and several others entertain and educate us on everything from how a smartwatch can save your life, to how to fly a drone, to Microsoft Word’s capability to transcribe an audio file. We always pick up something when we drop in.

The Tech for Seniors show is held on Mondays at noon Eastern/9am Pacific time. Everyone is invited to the Zoom meeting, but when the start time comes they lock the meeting. There are usually about 100 in attendance. If you don’t want to be in the meeting, or you are late, you can watch the live stream on YouTube on Ron Brown’s channel.


3 replies on “Learn more with help from our friends”

  1. If it weren’t for all the people who share their knowledge, I would not even have a presence on the web! I am so thankful to friends just like you, Jim & Chris who share so much of yourselves in a fun and engaging way that allows a non-techy person to get more out of what is available for anyone willing to learn. Thanks for being so forth coming and open!!

  2. I learn alot of things from alot of people who live stream like you and Jim, Michael Daniels, Scott Peachy, Ileane Smith, Andrew Hatchett and others… Michael for his technical knowledge, Heather Kraafter who knows more than she lets on, You and Jim for google photos and other tips, Scott Peachey for his equipment knowledge and other funny things he does like singing in the car and getting a copy right strike for it and kept on singing. Ileane Smith for her knowledge about software and platforms for streaming, Andy for his Zoom and other knowledge. some others for cell phone reviews etc. It makes being online alot more fun !!!!! Thank you for all you and Jim do … thank you all

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