February 2021 News: LastPass, Phone to TV with HDMI, Learning from our friends, 2021 Survey results


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What’s Up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks?
We got out of the house!
The Florida RV SuperShow asked us to present seminars in January. They requested, and we agreed, several months ago. We thought for sure the pandemic would be under control by January. As Covid started spiking, we expected them to cancel the show but they didn’t. We thought long and hard. We were only obligated for one hour each day, we could spend the rest of our time in our RV. We would wear masks at all times except when we were actually speaking. The show limited attendance at the
seminars and spaced the seating accordingly. We decided it would be safe enough, and we were feeling cooped up enough, that we went. It was FUN! How we’ve missed live audiences.
Other than Tampa, we were home. We did a couple “Button” Shows on YouTube (see below) and some members-only meetings on Zoom. We started a new tradition this month of holding a member orientation meeting over zoom. We will continue to do this on the last Friday of every month at 3pm Eastern time. We give a short tour of everything on our website, then open it up to questions. It was fun.

What’s coming up – Our Calendar Feb/Mar 2021

We’re Presenting LIVE – online and in person!
Lots of stuff on our calendar this month!
  • February 4, 9pm ET – Wisconsin All Computer Users Club Presentation
  • February 7, 2pm ET – Episode 206 of What Does This Button Do?
  • February 7, 3pm ET – Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • February 15, 3pm ET – Google Photos Live Q&A streaming to Facebook and YouTube. Chris will demo and take questions.
  • February 15, 8pm ET – Tucson Computer Society presentation via Zoom
  • February 21, 2pm ET – Episode 207 of What Does This Button Do?
  • February 21, 3pm ET – Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • February 26, 3pm ET – Member orientation via Zoom
  • February 27, 3pm ET – Google Photos Workshop 1 $49. Must pre-register.
  • March 7, 2pm ET – Episode 208 of What Does This Button Do?
  • March 7, 3pm ET – Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
  • March 15, 3pm ET – Google Photos Live Q&A streaming to Facebook and YouTube. Chris will demo and take questions.
  • March 10-13, FMCA International Convention in Perry, GA. We’ll be presenting 4 live seminars and signing books.
  • March 21, 2pm ET – Episode 209 of What Does This Button Do?
  • March 21, 3pm ET – Backstage Pass for Members Only Zoom meeting
Live YouTube Shows Sundays at 2pm Eastern time “The Button Show”
February 7th and 21st
March 7th and 21st
Stay safe. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

Ask the Geeks

Ask the Geeks Q&A forum. Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit of membership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions

  1. LastPass Shared Passwords
  2. How to Enlarge a Document from an Email
  3. Alarm Sound for Smartphone
  4. Picasa Not Recognizing all HEIC files
  5. Identifying People in Group Photos

Managing your passwords: Getting started with LastPass on computer and mobile

In last week’s episode of our “What Does This Button Do?” show, we covered LastPass. See Episode 205: Password Managers – how to use LastPass. Please watch that show to learn more details about LastPass. This article will tell you how to get started on computers and mobile devices.

How to use your phone to watch movies on your TV – and stay under your data limits.

Many of us have data plans on our phones that have Unlimited on-device data. What that means is that, as long as you are viewing online media on your phone, you can view as many hours as you want. But, if you turn on the hotspot feature for your other devices to share that data, there are definite limits and associated charges.
Let’s say you want to watch a Netflix movie. Just pull it up on your phone and watch right? Oh, but it looks SO much better to watch and listen on your TV’s big screen. And, for more than one person to watch, the TV is necessary. If you use your Smart TV’s Netflix, it will need to connect to Wi-Fi and that will cost you. Or, if you cast your phone’s screen to the TV using something like Chromecast, that is still using WiFi. The answer is to connect your phone directly to the TV. This
article will tell you how.

2021 Learning Survey Results

We may be old dogs, but we learn new tricks every day. And we’re going to keep learning in the year to come.
Last month we sent out a survey. This month we have the top ten topics identified. Read the article to see what they are and leave us a comment about your learning priorities.

Learn more with help from our friends

We figure that we’ve been stingy long enough!
In this article we tell you about how we learn more about technology with a little help from our friends … and so can you.
These are people we have met over the years who share our passion for learning (and teaching) technology. We’ll start this month by telling you about 2 of them.

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