A Chromebook for photo editing

A few years ago I wrote an article titled, The best travel laptop? A Chromebook. I’m wondering if anyone followed my advice to buy a Chromebook for your next laptop. If so, please leave a comment below and tell us how you like it.

I have now bought my third Chromebook,  ASUS Chromebook Flip C302. It cost $600. It’s fast. It boots up in a split second. The battery lasts all day. All I have to do is log in with my Google account and I have all my stuff. My Google Photos, Google Drive files, Gmail, and anything I can access from a web browser is all there. My Chromebook is my “couch computer” – I especially like it for all my entertainment channels. I find shows to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO etc. and use Chromecast to watch them on the living room TV.

But, that’s not all. Since my Chromebook can also install Android Play store apps, I can work on files offline. Microsoft Office has an Android app for working with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If I didn’t need to do serious video editing, I could get by with a Chromebook as my only computer.

Using Google Photos on a Chromebook

The main way of using Google Photos on a Chromebook is by using the web version. Just open the browser and go to Photos.Google.com. Assuming you’re logged in to the Google account that stores your photos, you’ll see all of them there. There are some features of Google Photos that only work on the web version, like changing the date for multiple photos, so it works great on a Chromebook. In case you’re interested, you select all the photos that need their dates changed, then click the 3- dot menu and choose Edit Date and Time.

Then there are other features that are only available on the Android app, like markup and text on photos. I have no problem using this feature on my phone, but some people really want the bigger screen and keyboard for typing text, so the Chromebook is perfect. Since the Chromebook can run Android apps, just install the Google Photos App from the Play store and use it. Then you can tap the Edit button and you’ll see the Markup tool which you can use to add text.

The other app I use to edit my photos is called Snapseed. It has many more sophisticated tools for photo editing. It is a free app also by Google, so it works great in combination with Google Photos.

Have you used Snapseed or any other photo editing software on your Chromebook? Tell us about it.

We presented a seminar to the Dayton Computer Club last week and they recorded the whole 1.5 hours.


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  1. Because of your post the other day I’m looking at a 2-in-1 Chromebook. Looks like the perfect solution to be able to sit in an easy chair with a big screen and keyboard (on-screen. . If you have any recommendation on a 2-1 it would be appreciated. I mainly surf and trip plan using RV Trip WIzard. Also because of you, I’m all Google so easy transition from my WIn 10 hot laptop. Thanks!

    • Ah, never mind. I see now that the ASUS you mention is a 2-in-1. It may be more than I need though.

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