Is your phone making payments without you?

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Our phones, with Google, Apple, or Samsung accounts make it very easy to purchase things. Has anyone set up a subscription purchase and, months later, wondered what is that charge and how do I stop it? I’ve also heard from people who routinely hand their phones to their grandkids and later find charges for games they’ve never heard of.

Here’s how to see your charges, find what subscriptions are being paid and stop them:


  • To see all transactions: Open the Google Pay app on your phone, or go to on a web browser making sure you’re signed in to your Google account. View your Recent Activity, tap See more if necessary. This will show you all of the payments that have been made using your account. Tap on any single item and you will see the payment method that was used – which credit card or other account.
  • To see subscriptions: On the phone you can stay in Google Pay and tap the account button in the upper right and choose “Manage your Google Account.” On a computer web browser you can go to Find the Payments and subscriptions menu, then you’ll see all your subscriptions. To cancel, click Manage subscriptions and then click on the one you want to cancel until you see the option to Cancel or Deactivate.


  • To see transactions: There is no consolidated list of Apple Pay transactions, but you can see recent transactions by individual credit cards being used by Apple Pay. On your phone, open Settings, Wallet and Apple Pay, tap a payment card and then Transactions.
  • To see subscriptions: On your phone, open Settings then tap on the very top entry with your name, Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store, then Subscriptions. Here you will see all the subscriptions. To cancel one, just tap on it and you should see more detail, including a button to cancel.


  • To see transactions: You can see recent transactions by your payment card. On your phone, open the Samsung Pay app. tap the 3-line menu and choose Cards. Select a card and swipe up for transactions.
  • To see subscriptions: I can’t find any information on viewing subscriptions with Samsung Pay. I have to assume that you can’t use Samsung Pay for subscriptions.

I highly recommend using your phone for payments. Especially in this time of Pandemic – your phone gives you a contactless method of payment. Security is also very high. When you hold your phone next to a payment terminal, you need to unlock it with your passcode or fingerprint. Your phone never sends your actual credit card number, it uses a different one-time-use number for each transaction, keeping your payment info safe.