634.GP-Photo Resolution vs Size

How does file size relate to resolution in photos saved to the cloud? How does that relate to the quality of your photos? What is the best way to share your photos with friends or on social platforms?

Mrs. Geek will explain everything.

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  1. Jim and Chris – I’ve enjoyed your Sunday shows when I was able to be present. Also, the backstage pass definitely is a plus to get to know the other members better. I have a question and don’t know where to look for the answer:
    I am exporting a Google photo to Procreate app. Is it possible to reduce the number of pixels in a photo? When I export it the photo is 42″ x 56″: or 3024px x 4032px (over 12 mb). I want it to fit on a letter size canvas. I hope that isn’t too confusing. Thanks again. Good work!

    • Google Photos does not have any resize function. But the receiving app should be able to handle that. In Procreate if you import photo from your phone it should adjust it accordingly. If the photo isn’t on your phone, you can use Google Photos – 3-dot menu – Save to Device.

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