Order Photo Prints within Google Photos

Google announced a new feature in Google Photos this month … Printing! This has been a highly requested feature. Apparently lots of people still want a photo they can hold in their hand, put in a binder or add to the fridge with a magnet. With just a couple of clicks and 25 cents per photo, you can pick up your 4X6 prints on the same day at a Walmart or CVS of your choosing.

With one photo open in Google Photos, you can click the 3-dot menu and choose from
Order canvas print or Order photo prints

Ordering 4X6 prints

As with everything Google, they’ve made this drop-dead simple. You can start from the Assistant and click the Prints button, or you can start by selecting your photos. I choose my photos first:

  • Select multiple photos. Computer: click upper left corner of each photo Phone: long-press on first photo, tap on more
  • Click the little shopping cart button in top right and choose Photo prints
  • The next screen gives you an opportunity to change the quantity of prints for each photo, and to do a little editing if needed. If you need to select more photos, use the add to album button at top right
  • Click Next
  • Choose a location – either a Walmart (matte finish prints) or a CVS (glossy finish prints)
  • Confirm your order and click Place Order
  • You should be able to pick them up within the hour.
  • You pay for them when you pick them up.

What about sizes other than 4X6?

Can I get any other size besides 4X6? No – not with the prints feature in Google Photos. You can use the Walmart or CVS in-store options to print other sizes.

What are the canvas prints? When you use the Assistant, or you open just one photo and click the 3-dot menu, you’ll see the option for Canvas prints. These come mounted on a frame that is 1.5 inches deep. You have 3 choices for what to do with the sides: white, black, or stretch the photo over the edge. If you see a red exclamation mark, it means your photo is not high-resolution enough to print in that size. They come in 3 sizes:


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