October 2019 News: Print Photos, Voice navigation with Street names, Geeks on Tour: our story

Geeks on Tour

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What’s Up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks?

Sunset on Erie

We are ON TOUR!

We started September by presenting our Google Photos seminar at Senior Planet in New York City. Next came the Roadtrek RV rally in Foxborough, MA, then in traveling through Ohio to Chicago, we presented to five technology User Groups. One more to go in October then a couple of RV related rallies as we head south.

In between gigs, we enjoyed traveling in our little Roadtrek camper van and staying at some beautiful places. The photo above is sunset over Lake Erie, just a short walk from where our RV was parked at an Elks Lodge in Ashtabula, OH. See our September Google Photos album for lots more pictures.

Chris has been invited once again to Google’s Product Experts Conference, this time in Boulder, Colorado Nov 11. We’ll fly there.The recently opened Senior Planet in Denver wants us to present our Google Photos Seminar we did in NYC. We are planning programs there for a full day on Nov. 15th as we will be in Colorado for the Google event. Then back to Florida.

During September, we were able to produce 2 of our “Button Shows” from “Studio R” the back of our Roadtrek camper van!

What’s coming up – our Calendar

Ask the Geeks

Ask the Geeks Q&A forum. Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit of membership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions:

  1. Dates on Old Photos
  2. How Do I Print an Album in Google Photos?
  3. Sharing Videos in Google Photos
  4. Apple iOS Update
  5. Storing a Document on iPhone



Order photo prints

Order Photo Prints within Google Photos

Google announced a new feature in Google Photos this month … Printing!  Apparently lots of people still want a photo they can hold in their hand, put in a binder or add to the fridge with a magnet. You can pick up your 4X6 prints on the same day at a Walmart or CVS of your choosing.

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Turn by turn voice navigation with street names

Sometimes Google Maps, or Waze tells us simply “in 1/4 mile turn right.” Other times I hear “in 1/4 mile, use the right 2 two lanes to turn right onto West Lake Road.”

I so prefer the more detailed instructions. It’s taken me a while, but I finally found the setting to make this happen.

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Jim and Chris - Geeks on Tour

What’s our story?

You may know that we have a pretty cool life, we spend most of our time traveling and we make our living from subscriptions to our website. Did you know we’ve been living this way since 2003? This past month we’ve given presentations to audiences who did not know us, so we had fun putting together this story with pictures to introduce ourselves.

See the rest of the story here

by the way – this presentation is an example of using a Google Photos Album to tell a story.

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