YouTube: How to Watch Videos Later

Do you like watching YouTube videos, but you don’t always have the time? When you do have the time, how do you find those videos that you want to watch? Just mark them as videos you want to “watch later” – they will be collected into a playlist that you can access at any time as long as you are signed in to your Google account. You should see an icon in the upper right to show if you are signed in.

Mark a Video to Watch Later

Click clock to add

When browsing videos on computer: when you hover over the small image of the video, you should see a little clock button. Click that and it turns into a checkmark.

When viewing one video on computer: You should see an icon for “Add to playlist” It looks like:

The Add to Playlist button

When viewing a list of videos on mobile: you should see a 3-dot menu either to the right, or below the video. Tap that, then Watch Later.

When viewing one video on mobile: you should see the same “Add to Playlist” button as shown above. If you tap that quickly, the video is added directly to the Watch Later list. If you hold down on the button, you’ll see the list of all playlists and you can choose one – included Watch Later.

Watching Later

When you mark a video to watch later, it is collected in a special playlist called “Watch Later.” How nice is that? Just find the “Watch Later” list and click it to see all the videos you have marked.

On Computer: Be sure you are signed in, view the menu at the left sidebar. If it is not showing, click the 3-line menu at top left. Click Library in the menu, then you should see Watch Later.

On Mobile devices with the YouTube app,

  1. make sure you are signed in to your Google Account,
  2. tap the Library icon
  3. tap Watch Later.

Here is the official page from the YouTube help team:

How to add and remove videos from Watch Later

Add Geeks on Tour Videos

Whenever you notice a Geeks on Tour video you want to watch, but don’t have time – now you know what to do. Add it to your Watch Later list! Or you could even take a look at the Playlists we’ve made for you: