How to trim your videos on your phone

You don’t want to miss a second of your granddaughter’s graduation ceremony, so you start the video camera rolling as she’s walking up to the stage. Now you wish you hadn’t done that! Nobody wants to watch the 3 minutes of her walking, they just want to see her step onto the stage and get her diploma.

No problem, if you took the video with your phone, you can use most any photo management app to trim the beginning or end of your video.

  1. Google Photos: View the video, tap the Edit button and you will see a white vertical bar on either end of the video, drag them to your desired begin and end point, then tap Save
  2. Samsung Gallery: View the video, tap the scissors icon at top and you should see “Video Trimmer” at top left. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the frames of your video with white bares at the beginning and end. Drag those bars to your desired beginning and end points.
  3. Apple iOS Photos: View the video, tap the word Edit, drag the beginning and ending markers to your desired positions.

Now, go take more videos!

To learn more about how to trim a section out of the middle, or how to put together several video clips and still photos to make a movie complete with music. Watch Episode 150 of our Weekly YouTube show What Does This Button Do?

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