RV-Planning: Honey, tell me where to go

Chris’ article about planning RV trips is being published in the Family RVing Magazine in the January 2019 issue. In case you’re reading the print version, we’re listing all the links here so you can click on them. We also welcome comments here.

The article starts by listing 5 steps and a favorite tool or two for each step.

  1. Research: Roadtrippers.com
  2. Plan: RVParky.com
  3. Navigate: Google Maps for Android, Google Maps for Apple iOS
  4. Sleep: Allstays.com, Allstays app for Apple iOS, HarvestHosts.com
  5. Remember: Google My Maps, Google Photos

Throughout the article, there are a few other websites or products mentioned. Here are links to them:

Chris also mentions the maps of their travels. To see those maps, go to the Maps page of Geeks on Tour’s travel blog. Be sure to scroll down because there is a map for every year of their RV travels, from 2004 thru 2018.

If you’d like to learn how to make those maps yourself, start by watching this tutorial video, then a portion of our weekly class on Youtube, episode 111.

To learn more, you can become a Geeks on Tour member which gives you access to a complete Learning Guide on map-making with Google My Maps