Do you want to teach about smartphones but need some lesson plans?

We know that many of our members are teachers themselves. We get the most compliments from other teachers because they understand the importance of preparation, lesson plans, good examples with clear explanations.

If you have the opportunity to teach a group of adult learners about smartphones, but you don’t know what to teach them or how to present it, become a member of Geeks on Tour and use our show notes for lesson plans. We’ve now taught 155 episodes of our “What Does This Button Do?” Youtube show. For each episode Chris writes up detailed notes on everything that is taught. We encourage you to print out these notes and use it as both your lesson plan and the learners’ handout. Yes, it’s fine with us to make a copy for every student even though they are not members. We want to help, and we believe that some students may want more and then become members themselves.

Here is a sample of the show notes:

Every student could have a printout, while you, the teacher, use the web version so you can project it and play the linked videos for the class. Then your job would be to field questions and help them try it on their own devices.

Then, every episode ends with review questions that are included in the show notes. A perfect way to end your class. The notes include a link to the Youtube video at the exact point where we go over the answers to the review questions.

Think about it, and let us know how we can help.