Techno-Geeks and GPS systems

We know lots of people who work at RV rallies, Eric and Tami, of TechnoRV are 2 of our favorites. We’re like carnies, except we don’t travel together. We meet up at the rallies. So, when we saw that we were parked right next to them, celebration was in order.

You may remember, back in 2012, we put on our own rally called the Techno-Geek Learning Rally.  That was when TechnoRV was owned by the founders, Phil and Tracey May. Phil and Tracey became very good friends of ours and we were distressed when they sold the business (we now visit them in England). How they found the perfect new owners is a miracle – but they did!

Whenever we’re together, the first order of business is to party! But, then we always learn something or get some new important gadget for our RV. Jim found the perfect way to mount an outdoor antenna with their suction cup mount.

GPS Systems

When we had a big rig, we used a Rand McNally RVND GPS that we bought from TechnoRV years ago. It made sure our routes were appropriate for a 13 foot high vehicle – among other things. Now that we’re in a little camper van, we just use Google Maps or Waze on our smartphones and have not kept up with the Rand McNally. I took a look at the latest offering from TechnoRV – it’s a tablet called the Overdryve 7 that has all the Rand McNally maps built in with no Internet connection required. It also has the TripMaker program built in, and can be used with voice control. This is a RV-specific GPS device. To learn more about what that means, you can sign up to get the TechnoRV RV GPS Learning Guide. I guarantee you’ll learn a lot.

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