July 2018 Newsletter: Google Photos eBook, Timezones, Chromebooks

Monthly Issue #130 July, 2018
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Geeks in June

In the beginning of June we were in between rallies. We took advantage of a week’s free time to do some sightseeing – the Lincoln Presidential museum in Springfield, Illinois; a horse show at the fairgrounds where we were staying, and a bike ride from our campground in Indiana Dunes National seashore. Then it was on to the next rally, Glamarama in Allegan, Michican. Then came the weird part … we left our Roadtrek in Michigan and flew home to go on vacation!
Right now we are in the Cayman Islands getting ready to board theCayman Aggressor dive boat for a week of scuba diving to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. So, don’t expect to hear from us until July 8!

We will be out of touch this week.

See our June photo album for more pictures, and our Blog for the rest of the story.
We always continue to learn about technology! And, we share it with you on our weekly class, What Does This Button Do?  We recorded three new episodes in June:
By the way, our pictures, Blogs, Web Albums, maps, and videos are all examples of what we teach.  You can learn how to plan, preserve, and share your travels (or your life.)  It makes the experience that much more enjoyable to get creative and share pictures, maps, stories, and movies with friends and family. Check out our Learning Library of Tutorial Videos, just go to GeeksOnTour.com and click the menu for Tutorials. There are plenty of free videos in addition to our members-only content to whet your appetite for learning. ​​​​​​​

June-July Calendar

Every Wednesday  “What Does This Button Do?” 
We record them in a live stream, normally on Sundays at 2pm at our local time.
When we’re not doing our live show, we’ll post an encore episode.
Thursday is “Gabbing With the Geeks” on Facebook Live to answer questions from viewers and discuss anything. 5pm our local time.
We’re in the Cayman Islands for a diving trip and anniversary celebration. We’ll be back in the RV heading to Gillette soon. Hope to see you!
Here’s our speaking request form if you’d like to have us speak to your group.
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Read a QR code and get the new, 2nd Edition to Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos

ImageGoogle Photos keeps changing, so we’ve updated our book! All our eBooks are always available to our premium members on the member eBook page of our website.
For a limited time, we’re also making it FREE for everyone. But, the teacher in me still needs you to work for it! So, we’ve made a QR code that will take you to the right page.
If you know how to scan that QR code, you can get the book. If you don’t know how to scan a QR code, we provide the instruction. Lifelong Learning – that’s what we’re all about.
Read the Article and Scan the code here

My smartphone helps me with time zone confusion.

Traveling across time zones can be so confusing when you need to call someone, or get to an online meeting at the right time. After 14 years of RVing, you’d think I’d have it figured out. That’s where the real problems start … when I think I have it figured out! Invariably, I adjust my time in the wrong direction. Now I let my smartphone tell me what to do!
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Our ChromeImagebooks are the only computers we take on vacation. Here you see Jim using his Chromebook for our Facebook Live session from our hotel in Grand Cayman.
Why take computers at all? Well, our business is our website. We are able to take more vacations because we can operate our business from anywhere. Don’t worry, they don’t go underwater with us. We are truly on vacation when we’re scuba diving.
This article discusses the 2 Chromebooks we brought and how we’ve probably bought our last Windows computers ever.
Read the article

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