March 2018 Newsletter: Is your own website secure?, Tom Parks, Snapseed, Keyboard shortcuts

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Geeks in February

Florida Keys

February began in the Tampa Bay area. The photo above is from Fort DeSoto park in St. Petersburg. Don’t you think that photo looks extra good? I enhanced it using the free Snapseed app – see the article later in this newsletter to learn exactly how.

​​​​​​​We made appearances at 3 RV parks and 3 computer clubs during the month, teaching Smartphones, Google Photos, and making your own website. When at the RV parks, we stayed in our sweet Roadtrek camper van. For the clubs we were home in our townhouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

See our February photo album for more pictures, and our Blog for the rest of the story.

We always continue to learn about technology! And, we share it with you on our weekly class, What Does This Button Do? We recorded two new episodes in February:

  • Episode 135: Copying files with USB “thumb” drive
  • Episode 136: Editing photos with Snapseed **
    ** Snapseed is SO fun and so powerful, we’re making a complete learning guide for members.
  • Episode 137 – will be recorded live on Sunday Mar 4 at 2pm Eastern, The topic is understanding the Accounts on your phone and how they hold your stuff.

By the way, our pictures, Blogs, Web Albums, maps, and videos are all examples of what we teach.  You can learn how to plan, preserve, and share your travels (or your life.)  It makes the experience that much more enjoyable to get creative and share pictures, maps, stories, and movies with friends and family. Check out our Learning Library of Tutorial Videos, just go to and click the menu for Tutorials. There are plenty of free videos in addition to our members-only content to whet your appetite for learning.

March-April Calendar

Every Wednesday “What Does This Button Do?”

We record them in a live stream, normally on Sundays at 2pm ET.

When we’re not doing our live show, we’ll post an encore episode.​​​​​​​

Thursday is “Gabbing With the Geeks” on Facebook Live to answer questions from viewers and discuss anything. 5pm ET.

We’re in South Florida getting read for the first big RV rally of the season.

Here’s our speaking request form if you’d like to have us speak to your group.

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    ‘Ask the Geeks’ Q&A Forum

    Here are some of the topics that have been discussed recently. Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit of membership. Join Today!

    1. Backups
    2. What to use to display a slideshow on a TV?
    3. How to see pictures from my daughter?
    4. Roku with Verizon Hotspot?
    5. Flagging a Gmail message for follow-up?

    Is your own website secure?


    You don’t want visitors to your website to see the message above! But, that’s exactly what will happen if you don’t take action before July. If you have a personal website, blog, small business or club website, please check to see if your address bar includes the padlock and httpS. If not, read on ..

    Read More

    Member Profile: Tom Parks, the Yo-Yo man

    Tom Parks and his wife, Joyce

    Tom Parks is very active in our Ask The Geeks Q&A forum. We feel we’ve gotten to know him from answering his questions and reading his comments.

    But, we had no idea! He’s not just an eager learner of technology, he’s a teacher himself … and a world champion of Yo-Yos!

    You gotta read his story, it’s fascinating. You’ll see a photo of him teaching Mr. Rogers how to Yo-Yo, and a youtube video where Tom teaches Yo-Yo skills and tricks!

    Read More

    Take your photos from so-so to stunning with Snapseed


    Do you go to beautiful places and take pictures that don’t do the place justice? I am often disappointed when I look at my pictures, thinking “It looked so much better than that” I almost never accept a photo as it was taken. At the very least I crop and apply the “Auto” filter just using Google Photos. But sometimes I want more, that’s when I use Snapseed. In the example above, the enhanced photo took a click on tools, then HDR Scape in Snapseed. The text was added with Snapseed’s text tool.

    Read More

    Keyboard shortcut tricks you can use every day on your iPhone or Android


    If you regularly watch our “What does this button do?” show, you may already know these. Read the article anyway, just to be sure! These tips are excerpted from the show notes to Episode 75 of What does this button do?

    Long Press is like a Right-Click
    Long Press means the same thing as Touch and Hold. It’s not pushing on the screen, just touch the screen then leave your finger touching the screen and see if something happens.

    Read More Website Tips

    Geeks on Tour's Website

    We’re updating the website all the time. There are nearly 1,000 articles, 500 videos, and 132 What Does this Button Do Episodes. How do you find what you want? Here are some tips on how to get to the best stuff!

    • Finding Articles
    • Finding Videos
    • Finding What Does This Button Do Episodes
    • Quick Tip Videos

    Read More

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