Facebook Groups

We were guests on the YouTube show of Michael Daniels and The topic was Facebook Basics, and making a Facebook group. We don’t teach too much on Facebook, so I thought our readers might be interested in this video.

So many of us use Facebook all the time. We’ve just kind of jumped in and started posting and don’t understand the structure of the system. We think you’ll get more out of it if you do understand a bit. There are 4 distinct parts to Facebook:

  1. Your Profile, aka your Timeline. This is where the information about you lives. Pictures and stories you’ve posted. Pictures and stories where you’ve been tagged by others. You can go back in time here to the beginning of when you joined Facebook. That’s why it’s called your Timeline.
  2. Your Newsfeed is all about your connections. The people who are your friends, the organizations you have “liked.” It’s your Newsfeed that is your home page. Every person’s Newsfeed is unique because they have different friends and likes. Facebook compiles the newsfeed for each member of Facebook. It will also includes ads and other information that Facebook wants you to see.
  3. Public Pages – for businesses, personalities, and organizations. If you have a business, you want to have a Facebook Page. Anything posted on a Page is public.
  4. Groups – for people with mutual interests. Groups are like meeting rooms for any group of people to share mutual interests. Groups can be
    Public where anyone can join and read the content,
    Closed where anyone see the group and ask to join, but only members can see the content, or
    Secret where only people who are members can see that it exists and read the content.

If you’re interested in creating a Facebook group, you can watch the video starting at 32 minutes where we explain groups and then create one from scratch.