Have you watched an episode of What Does This Button Do?

  • 1-wdtbdadDo you think your smartphone is smarter than you?
  • Do you have questions about your iPhone or Android phone or tablet?
  • How do you learn about these amazing devices?

Nearly every week we record a new episode of “What Does This Button Do?” It’s an educational show about smartphones and tablets by Jim and Chris, the Geeks on Tour. We always offer some quick tech tips for everyone, then we spend 20-30 minutes on a “Beginners’ Lesson.” We’ve recorded 132 episodes so far and we’re ready to start a whole new year, with new topics and some renewed episodes of basic topics. You can view a listing of all 132 topics on our Weekly Class page. Anyone can watch the YouTube video that is embedded at the top of each class page, then our Geeks on Tour members also have access to the written class notes which include the slides used for each class, links to the timeline in the video (so you can watch just the parts you want) and detailed notes on the discussion and demonstrations from each show.

Comment from Gail West, GeeksOnTour member since 2008:

I really love your “What does this button do” shows. I especially like that they are on YouTube. I sit in my LazyBoy, turn on my 60″ SmartTV, and watch. Also have played some more than once. Just watched the one re: blue tooth and the one on Data usage. Nice to be able to get notes to go along with shows. Thanks for all that you do!!

Titles of some of our past episodes: Google Photos for Picasa Users, The First Four Buttons to Learn, Gmail: Two main reasons you should use it, Forgot your Password? How to Recover your Account, Smartphone Photography Essentials, Using Chromecast to Display Phone Screen on TV, Scanning QR Codes, How Do I Keep my Battery Charged?
Listing of ALL 132 episodes here.

Highlights to watch:

  1. Adding Text to a Photo with Google Photos & Snapseed
  2. How to take a Screenshot
  3. Explanation of “The Cloud”
  4. iPhone/iPad – Longpress tricks with keyboard
  5. Navigate to a Photo (1 min)
  6. Finding a Lost Phone: iPhone, Android
  7. Airplane mode and data usage
  8. Quick Swype demo

What episodes have you watched? What did you learn? What else do you want to learn? Let us know in the comments.