WordPress and Google Photos

IMG_6593This photo comes from my Google Photos library. I’m using WordPress.com (that’s different than normal) to write this post. (see past article: Embedding Pictures from Google Photos)

When I click on insert content, I can click the down arrow and choose Google Photos. The picture I choose gets added to my WordPress media library. A little roundabout, but it works!

  1. You must have an account at WordPress.com
  2. You must have Jetpack installed on your self-hosted WordPress website in order to create the necessary link to WordPress.com resources.
  3. You write your post using the WordPress.com interface. That’s where you’ll see the necessary menu option
  4. When you use this feature to get photos from Google Photos, WordPress copies the photo into your site’s own media library, so you are not using Google Photos for hosting.

If this is a feature you want to know more about, please leave a comment.


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    • I’m pretty sure the answer is no. You can link to a google photos album, but not embed. There are plugins for wordpress that make albums easy, but I think the photos need to be uploaded to your media library on wordpress already.

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