Carriage Travel Club and 4 Geeks on Tour Seminars

IMG_6582The Carriage Travel Club started out as a group of people who owned Carriage brand 5th Wheel Trailers. When Carriage, Inc. got out of the business, the club opened up to any old SOBs (Some Other Brand.) Now it is a club of RVing enthusiasts who get together often in different parts of the country for rallies. We were happy that they invited us to present our seminars at their Grand National Rally in New Orleans.

The location was at a fantastic RV park called Pontchartrain Landing. I’ll bet they call it that because it is just a short canal away from Lake Pontchartrain! I will remember this park for its excellent restaurant. Traveling in our little Roadtrek now, we so appreciate it when we don’t have to unhook and drive in order to go out to eat! But, if you did want to go out on the town – and you might since the town is New Orleans – they have a shuttle to make it easy.


A Great Rally

We enjoyed this rally so much, we became members of Carriage Travel Club and will look for local rallies that we could attend. It always warms our heart when people want to learn, and this was a very attentive group. We taught 4 different seminars: Google Photos, What Does This Button Do, Technology to Tell your Stories, and Technology for Travelers. See the descriptions below, complete with a link to our seminar handouts.


Smartphone Help Desk

When we weren’t presenting seminars we held “office hours” and helped people one-on-one with their smartphone questions. One person was setting up Google Photos on her phone by following the instructions in our seminar and she wanted to be sure she was doing it right. Another wanted to understand how to get pictures taken on her phone to synchronize with her iPad. Another guy wanted to know how to get photos sent to him via text messages into his Google Photos library. One person needed help organizing the Apps on her Samsung phone, and one even brought her computer to us and we helped her eliminate one of the passwords it was always requesting. We love doing these one-on-one sessions, we know for sure when we’re helping someone, and we learn something every time ourselves.

The Seminars we presented

#1 Google Photos for storing your lifetime of memories:

You’ve taken pictures with your smartphone – iPhone or Android – now what?! Google gives you free, unlimited, online storage where it will gather all your pictures from smartphones, tablets, computers, and external hard drives. Your entire lifetime of photos, automatically sorted by date and searchable, all in one place – with no effort on your part!

Running out of room on your phone? Recover that space with Google Photos, all of your pictures and videos are securely stored in your private cloud so you can delete them from your phone. Create albums to easily share the best ones with friends and family.You take some wonderful pictures, but they can always be improved: Straighten a crooked horizon, crop a picture closer to the subject, brighten the color, lighten the shadows.

Google Photos can do all of this and more.  Get creative with collages, animations, and even movies complete with music! All this is free on your smartphone, tablet, and computer .Chris and Jim from will show you how! Google recognizes Chris Guld as a Google Photos product expert.
Read the Seminar Handout  Get the first free chapter of Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos

#2 What Does This Button Do? A Primer on today’s iPhones and Android devices

Whether you’ve had a smartphone or tablet for years, or you’re just thinking about getting one, you will learn something in this lively seminar.  We will start with some essentials like sleep/wake and reboot. Then we’ll go on to discuss how your cloud accounts affect everything.  We will demonstrate how to install a QR code scanner and use it to find the information stored behind those funny looking square codes.

  • Screenshot 2016-10-13 08.56.16.pngDo you think your smartphone is smarter than you?
  • Do you have questions about your Android phone/tablet or your iPhone / iPad?
  • How do you learn about these amazing devices?

Jim and Chris Guld of will present a sampling of Beginner’s Lessons and Tips from their free weekly class of the same name: What Does This Button Do?

Read the Seminar Handout

#3 Technology to Tell your Stories – Using Photos, Maps, Blogs and Videos for a Multimedia Journal

Most travelers keep some kind of journal. If you use the free online tools we’ll show you, you can keep it for yourself, or easily share your photos, maps, and stories. You can even add one last click and end up with a beautiful coffee table book that will keep your memories alive for generations to come. Google Photos, Google Maps, and Google’s Blogger are the perfect combination to preserve your memories. Even if you’re not a traveler, if you have a story to tell you can use pictures, maps, videos, and blogs to make it come to life. See Jim and Chris’ blog at – then you can click the menu options for Photos, Videos, and Maps. Read the Seminar Handout

#4 Technology for Travelers  Internet, Maps, Apps, and Websites for Travelers

Jim and Chris of Geeks on Tour use lots of tech gadgets as they travel in their RV. Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Cameras, GPS devices, and more to help them get where they want to go and remember the journey – with as little shouting and crying as possible. Whether you’re on the road for the first time or are a seasoned RVer, you will learn something in this constantly updated seminar. Read the Seminar Handout

Geeks on Tour at your Event?

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