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  1. Tip of the Day: Factory Reset
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Google Maps: How to add your places
  3. App of the day: Hiya

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To learn more, see Episode #61 – GeeksOnTour.com | Weekly Class

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In order to add your places, you must be signed in to your Google Account. These places are for your eyes only, they are stored with your Google Account, just like your email, or your calendar, or your pictures.

What are Your Places?

There are slight differences in the “your places” that you can access with a computer vs a mobile app.


The main difference is in the Saved category. On the computer “Saved” means just the gold starred places.

Visited – comes from your location history timeline and that must be turned on in your account settings. See Episode 81: What are Location Services for more on that.

Maps – these are maps you have created using My Maps. See our tutorial videos for Google Maps and the Making Maps section. We use My Maps to make a map of our travels every year. See our blog page for our maps.

Upcoming – these items are mined from your emails. Google notices an email with a flight confirmation to a particular place and puts that information into your places under Upcoming


The new types of Your Places are only available on the mobile app. Favorites, Want to Go, and custom lists. The mobile app also gives you the ability to show or hide any of these lists.


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Think of lists in your places just like any other list – you’re just writing down a list of places that you want to keep. Places you want to go, or places you want to remember. The difference is that these list items can be seen on a map. This makes them so much more useful than just a written list. Just a glance at a map can let you know if there are any places you “want to go” nearby.

Navigate: any marker on a Google Map can be the destination for turn-by-turn navigation.

Reminders: Since you can see these markers on your map, it’s easy to see what is nearby.

Sharing: you want to tell your friends about your favorite spots, give them directions to a meeting place, or send your location in an emergency


To access help, click on 3-line menu then you’ll find help. Notice the 3 tabs: Computer, Android, iPhone & iPad. Make sure to pick the one you need, then you can search for whatever help you want.

15:40 Demo Computer first


To get to maps on a computer browser, Maps.Google.com

You can search for anything by typing in the search box, then when something comes up as a card on the left, you can click the Save and the star turns gold.

Label a place that you click on = on the card, you should see a link to Add a Label

Share a place – when the card is up, you should see the share button

Viewing a My Map: click 3-line menu then Your Places. Maps is the 4th tab over. You can open an existing My Map, or create a new one. We make a map of our travels every year. This year has 5 “layers” representing our winter westbound, winter eastbount, Europe, Summer, and Fall travels. Each layer can be turned on or off for your viewing convenience.

We have a series of tutorial videos under Google Maps for “Making Maps” on GeeksOnTour.com tutorial videos.


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You can navigate just by asking “Ok Google, take me home” or “Ok Google, navigate to walmart” etc.

You can set your home address by tapping the 3-line menu and Your Places, Home-3-dots and edit.

You can view any saved place by tapping on the list e.g. Saved/Starred find the place you want and tap it, then tap Directions, Go.

Hiding lists – all those gold stars can be hidden from the map using mobile apps. Notice the 3-dots to the right of any list. Tap that and Hide on your map.

To add a place to your Want to Go list.
1. find the place and tap
2. notice the info card at the bottom, tap there and swipe up to see more
3. tap the Save, then the Want to go list
4. You will see a green flag at any place in your want to go list. A great way to be reminded of places

To create a custom list, like your favorite restaurants
1. Open your places and saved
2. Notice the + in the lower right, tap on it
3. Give your list a name
4. Open the list and notice the + in lower right, tap on it to add items to the list

To save a custom list, you can share an entire list with a friend. Just open the list and tap the share button

To view a My Map on the phone. 3-line menu, your places, tap the 5th heading – Maps. Tap a named map. You’re now seeing the same map on the phone, that you can see on the computer. Now you can tap on a marker on that map and then directions – to navigate there.

Example for saving and sharing a place: Jim saved a custom marker on his map when we were broken down on the side of the highway. To save it, he long-pressed on the spot where we were, then tapped Label and he entered the name: Brokedown. Once you have a marker, you can share that. This could be very useful to tell the towtruck where you are!


Most everything works exactly the same using Google Maps on the iPhone, but, if you’re using Siri to ask to “Take me home” be aware that Siri will be using Apple Maps. If you want to use Google maps, it is best to open Google maps first, then you can tap the microphone at the top and ask to “Take me home”

(a viewer comment later said you can ask Siri to “Take me home using Google Maps” – this works great if you have iOS 11)

On the iPhone, you will still tap the 3-line menu and Your Places to see all the same places that you saw on the Android phone. You may notice that there are fewer tabs on the iPhone. It is missing the Visited and the Upcoming.

Remember Help! 3-line menu, Help, then browse or

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Once you have installed hiya, you will be alerted when calls are known robocallers, spammers, political, etc. It’s free for both Android and iPhone.


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Ends at 49:46 Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.


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