Your Travel Map with RVillage

If you’re a traveler, you probably love maps. I love to have maps of where I’ve been and we teach how to make these maps using Google My Maps. But, if you are an RVer, and you use, it’s a lot easier. RVillage automatically creates a map of everywhere you check in. Here are the Geeks on Tour maps from RVillage for the last 4 years. Notice the date selection boxes at the top left of each map.



Use RVillage to Check in at every stop

If you’re not familiar with RVillage, it is a free membership website and mobile app. The primary purpose of RVillage is for RVers to connect with other RVers as we travel. You do that by checking in with the program whenever you park at a new RV park or other destination. You will see the other RVillage members who are there, and they will see you. Then you can exchange messages and perhaps schedule meetups. Who knows, you might be parked right next to each other! RVillage makes the introduction and you have a new friend.

Just a couple of clicks makes the map

Whenever you check in to a new place, RVillage makes a note of that as a map entry. To see your map:

  • Open RVillage and be sure you’re logged in, either the website or the app
  • Go to your Profile
    on web: click the round icon with a face or other photo in upper right then View my Profile
    on mobile app: tap the 3-line menu and then My Profile
  • View your places
    on mobile, you’ll see a menu item for “My Places”
    on web, you’ll see an icon for My Places
    RVillage places
  • You should now be seeing a map with all the places you’ve ever checked in. Options to limit the dates shown are found under the drop-down list “All Places”

If you want to send someone the map of all your places, you will see a link to share below the map. To get maps limited by dates, like my samples above, I just took a screen shot.

What if there are some stops missing because you forgot to check in? Just above the map, you’ll see a link to “Add a Place.” That allows you to add a location and a date, then refresh the map. You can even add places anywhere in the world.

RVillage uses the map for keeping track of all the members, not just you. Watch this video to see how you can find other people, using clubs or interests along with maps.

Interested in learning more about RVillage? Check out their Youtube channel.