Data Roaming in Canada

We just spend a week in Canada, traveling from Detroit thru Toronto and Kingston, then back across the border to Syracuse New York. We’re here in Syracuse for the FMCA NE Area Rally. While in Canada, we were able to get enough Internet access with our mobile devices (on TMobile and Project Fi) to do our normal email, uploading photos, Facebook and blog posts, but we didn’t have enough to do do our weekly webcast of What Does This Button Do.

When we got back to the states, we were thrilled to have our high-speed unlimited Verizon back and we did a segment on What Does This Button Do #121 about Data Roaming. Watch for about 7 minutes to see the Data Roaming segment of our weekly class:

The quick tip in this segment is that your phone has a setting called Data Roaming.

  • Roaming on = you want to use your data plan while in Canada
  • Roaming off = you don’t want to use it, and you don’t what to be accidentally charged!

Apple iOS Roaming Setting

Android Roaming Setting

Settings, Cellular, Cellular Data Options,
Turn on roaming
Phones vary. Settings, Wireless &Networks,
More networks, Mobile Networks,
Data Roaming Access

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