Your Smartphone will Count your Steps

I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while, but while we were in the states either driving or sitting at home, I didn’t have many steps to count and that just would not be very impressive! I wanted to wait until I could take some screenshots of when I’ve been active.

We’re in Europe now, for a month and we’re doing a lot of walking! I love that our phones count our steps, and we didn’t have to do anything special. Both Jim’s Pixel phone and my iPhone came with pre-installed apps that count steps. You don’t need to get a separate app.

So, how’s this?

Apple iPhone Health App

Apple Health appOn Apple iPhones, there is a built in app called Health. The first time you open it, you need to fill out some information about yourself. From then on, it will count your steps any time the phone is with you and you’re moving. Whenever you want to see the number of steps, just open the Health app and tap on the Activity button.

Samsung Health App

Samsung HealthIf you have an Android device and it happens to be a Samsung, it should have come with the Samsung Health app built in which can count your steps. Open it the first time and fill out your personal data like height and weight. Then check it every day to track your activities. Counting your steps is just one of the things it can do.

Android Google Fit App

Google Fit appIf you have an Android phone that is not a Samsung, it may have come with Google Fit pre-installed. Same as with the others, you need to fill out some info to get started. Then just check it. You can even link it to other apps like My Fitness pal which means that it will count calories used while walking as well!

Get moving!

You don’t need to vacation in Europe to get walking … but it helps! 🙂