We’re in Italy!

Do you think this picture is a painting in an art gallery? I hope so. I took the photo in the garden overlooking Florence, and with just a few clicks in Snapseed, I think it looks like a painting deserving of a gallery showing! More photos here.
After 2 nights in Florence, we’ve settled into the small medieval town of Castiglion Fiorentino for a full week. Life is slower here. And we are slowing down with it.
The WiFi and cellular data are slow also. We probably won’t be doing any kind of live video. Our T-Mobile iPhone and our PIxel phone with Google’s project Fi service are both working, but the best option is the local cellular provider Telecom Italia, or TIM. We bought a sim card for our European Mobile Hotspot and we’ve already run thru the 10 Gigabytes we purchased. Surprisingly we discovered that there is a TIM store located right here – but when we visited, we found they were closed for lunch … from 12:30 to 3:30.
We are adjusting to the slower pace here. We kind of like it. You can see lots of pictures in our photo album.