Learning Google Photos while having Fun with Friends

By Melinda Blackwell

imageI left my dear friends, Jim and Chris (you may know them as Mr. and Mrs. Geek!), a bit over a week ago after a lovely visit with them in southern Arizona. Chris and I pampered ourselves for two days at my favorite place for retreat -The Royal Palms Resort and Spa, and then we headed to Tonapah, AZ for more R&R at El Dorado Hot Springs. (See Mrs. Geek’s post: Girls just wanna go soak.)

We spent our final two days together in Quartzsite, Az; this is a place I would have never explored as it does not show itself off very well from the highway. We boondocked on BLM land, and I was immediately taken by the magic of the pink, white, and clear Quartz covering the ground; the rock hound in me was energized. Then as nightfall blocked the sun, stars and planets glowed from horizon to horizon and shooting stars added bursts of brilliance to the already bright sky. We had two sweet hikes (where I lingered behind like a child, collecting treasures along the way), and I got to see up close and personal a drone for the first time; Jim’s talent and enthusiasm, and the resulting video, planted a seed for contemplation in my brain about how useful a drone would be for creating video for Equus Insight clients. Really! I NEVER thought I would even THINK about investing in a drone, but now….


Technology NO, Photos YES


I am not a fan of technology. I get use to one thing and I stick with it. I am usually happy with what I don’t know about the tech world! That’s until Chris and I have some time together. I was having issues with my MacBook Pro that I have ignored for months; Chris gave me that over the top of her glasses look and fixed it. Then she asked me about using Google Photos. “What?” I replied. Another over the top of her glasses look! 

Chris showed me some of the intriguing examples of what she had done with her photos via Google Photos, then she downloaded the app onto my iPhone and let me have at it. So many choices, and playing with trial and error, and loving some of the results and laughing at others, I embraced and enjoyed the learning. I am a hands on learner, and Chris is the perfect teacher for me. I still have a long way to go and more to practice and learn with Google Photos, but I am inspired. My only angst is that Google Photos is so fun that I get lost in a timeless zone while playing and exploring.

I could never make videos … or could I?

In my work at EQuus Insight, I have wanted to create videos for clients, but my tech phobia has been in my way. But now, with Google Photos and the Movie option, I am hopeful that I will be able to create some meaningful footage for my clients. I have been practicing and have encountered a few self imposed glitches and frustrations, but I am working them out. My feeling is that with Chris’s tutoring, and my acceptance of getting lost in that timeless zone, I will succeed in this endeavor. Here’s a little movie that Google Photos made for me – all on its own – amazing!


I, like Chris, am a teacher, and I usually love learning, but when I go to the Apple store for a class, I end up more frustrated than satisfied. With Chris, I learn. I not only learn, but I am amazed, enchanted, awed, and eager for more; mostly I am very proud of what my friend Chris is doing – living her dream and helping others, like me, enter unexplored realms to find something delightful and unexpected.