#112 How to Learn from Geeks On Tour

Show Notes

  1. A Roadmap to Geeks on Tour’s website: How to find what you want to learn

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Beginning This episode is an introduction to Jim and Chris of Geeks on Tour and all about using the GeeksOnTour.com website to learn about using technology.
Coming to you from Buckeye Arizona.
If you notice that Jim sounds good and Chris sounds far away, that’s because she forgot to plug in her microphone Sad smile but, you can still hear her thru Jim’s.

Jim and Chris met back in 1993 when Chris owned a Computer Training center and Jim built the computers that she bought for the classrooms. One thing led to another and Chris hired Jim as the network administrator for her business with 100 computers. Later they married and  she sold the business. They bought an RV and sold their house in 2003 and have been on the road ever since. They started presenting seminars as Geeks on Tour in 2006 and the website has been growing ever since.

4:33 image

We do live, in-person seminars across the country. If you sign up for our Newsletter, you will see the schedule of where we’re going to be and what topics we’re teaching.

You can see all the archived newsletters by going to
GeeksOnTour.com | Blogs/News |Newsletters


Search  Tips

All the articles listed in our newsletters are actually separate posts on our website, so you can view All Articles and browse or search for a specific title.
GeeksOnTour.com | Blogs/News  | All Articles


To search the page, use Ctrl-F on Windows or Cmd-F on Mac.
On a mobile device using Chrome, 3-dot menu, Find in Page …
On a mobile device using Safari: type the search term in address bar, at bottom of results list tap “On This Page”

To search the entire site for something, use the “Search this Site” Note: this is an exact word search.
Once you find the page you want, you can then use the Ctrl-F search to find something on that page.


Finding a Tutorial Video

This has always been our primary focus. We’ve been making short, prepared, tutorial videos for the topics we teach since 2005. Each video is between 2 and 8 minutes long. Some of them stand alone, some of them are in a series.  They are all collected on our website, and most are for Members Only.

GeeksOnTour.com | Tutorial Videos

The main screen shows all the different categories of videos. Just click on a category to see all the videos.

If you keep scrolling down the page, you will see a complete listing of all the videos in numeric order. The lower numbers are the older videos. The newest ones show at the top.
Here is another place you can use the Ctrl-F tip to find a particular video. Especially if you have the number of the video – this is the fastest way to find it.

If you’re just checking up on what the latest videos are – to see if you’ve watched them all – you can use the menu: GeeksOnTour.com | Tutorial Videos  | Recent Tutorial Videos

Most of these videos are for members only. If you see the word Free in the title, that means you can view it even if you are not a member.


Free Weekly Show: Smartphone Beginners’ Lessons

What Does This Button Do?
GeeksOnTour.com | Weekly Show
This is where the complete listing of all the shows are found.


This is another great page to use Search! Use Ctrl-F on Windows, Cmd-F on Mac, 3-dot menu Find in Page with Chrome on mobile and

21:38 Tutorial Videos



A recommendation: Don’t wait until you need to learn something to watch our videos. Watch them when you want some inspiration, when there’s nothing on TV. Treat them more like entertainment than work. Got 20 minutes with nothing to do? Watch a few videos, pick a topic you may have no clue about and watch a few. Now, you’ll be more aware of what is available in our videos and, when you do start to work on something, you can re-watch the appropriate videos.



GeeksOnTour.com  |  Member Login   … You’ll see a link to all our eBooks there on the welcome page after you’ve logged in.

All the books are in .pdf format, you can read them on the screen or on a mobile device or you can print them out on your own printer. Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos is our most recent one.

23:02 Ask the Geeks
Q&A Forum
GeeksOnTour.com  |  Q&A Forum


This is where you can ask any questions you have. Either Chris (Mrs Geek) or Jim (Mr. Geek) promise to respond.
Anyone can search the forum and read any messages they find. Only members can ask a question. Please ask anything you want, but we especially like to hear, “I want to learn how to ___________, do you have videos on this and where are they?” So we can help you use our website to learn more.
There are sections for our popular topics of Photos, Smartphones, Maps, and Blogs – as well as a few other categories and then “Everything Else”
To ask a question, first pick a section, then click the button to “Add Topic” If you’re having trouble, here’s more info and a video on using the forum.

24:14 image

All of our premium content available offline by purchasing the thumb drive.
Here is the table of contents of the USB Drive:

Notice the folder for our eBooks – all 7 are in there. Also the folder for WhatDoesThisButtonDo – all 111 Show Notes are in there.
The rest of the folders contain tutorial videos.

This little Travel Router device is so cool. It does a few things (see episode 55), but our favorite is that it allows you to use your iPad or Android tablet to watch the videos on the USB drive.
1. Turn on the Hoo Too – this creates a TripMate WiFi signal
2. Connect your phone or tablet to the TripMate WiFi signal
3. Install and Open the TripMate App

33:32 Review Questions

Ends at 40:10 Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.