Member Spotlight: David Cross

Editor’s note: our members are an interesting group! We think you should meet some of them. Thanks to our first member, Gail West, for doing the interviews and the writing.

david2David Cross is the definition of a “travelling man.” He has logged over half-a-million miles on a motorcycle, 123,000 miles in his RVs, 137,000 miles in his Jeep and truck on side trips, and many hours flying a single-engine plane and glider.

From 1961 to 1968, he worked for Rocketdyne in a division that made all of the rocket engines for the Apollo and Gemini space capsules. Since 1968, David’s professional life has been focused on computers. He worked in operations management, systems programming, and for the last 20 years in Information Security. He and his wife, Lynn, worked together for Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc., which is a department store conglomerate. There he did computer systems programming, and she worked in administrative areas.

After ten years with Nestle’s as Manager of Information Security, David and Lynn sold their house in California in 2006 and purchased a forty foot 2007 Monaco Executive to begin their life as full-time RVers in 2007.

David and his wife Lynn in the Geek's motorhome. Chris used this smiling photo for an article on Google+ Photos
David and his wife Lynn in the Geek’s motorhome. Chris used this smiling photo for an article on Google+ Photos

And what a life it has been! They have slept in all 49 states of the U.S., 12 Canadian Provinces, and 19 Mexican States that are accessible by road from Oregon. They have driven to Inuvik, North West Territory, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle and to Belize, south of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula and from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

David Cross co-hosts Episode 7 of What Does This Button Do.
David Cross co-hosts Episode 7 of What Does This Button Do.

Like our first two Spotlighted members, David first met the Geeks on Tour at a FMCA Rally in Perry. He, too, attended as many of the Geeks’ sessions as he could. As he travelled across the country, he would meet up with the Gulds at various rallies and Thousand Trails Parks in Michigan, Oregon, New Mexico, California. He almost always sat on the first row at their sessions to take in their information since he said “he liked their style of teaching.” Eventually, the Gulds asked if he would like to be one of their helpers to assist them with the participants in some of their workshops. He gladly did so and continues to be of help when possible. In addition, he has appeared on three of What Does This Button Do weekly shows, and he has been one of the Top Posters on the Geeks on Tour member Q & A Forum.

After ten years, David and Lynn are still full-time RVers, but they have slowed down a bit and spend more time in a couple of places. They now live in a 45’ fifth-wheel which is more “homey”. They have a lot in a park in Benson, AZ, where they spend their winters and do a lot of volunteer work there. They also have a place in Star Valley, WY, where they spent some time last summer.


David likes to spend more time now “out in nature” on his four-wheeler, exploring places like old mines and old stage coach stops. He is trying to get out of technology after so many years working with it, but he does keep his finger in it. In fact, he will be helping the Geeks as the Escapade Rally this month in Tucson, AZ. After that, David and Lynn have plans to travel to various places in the North West. You can’t keep a “travelling man” in one place for long.


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  1. What a great article about Dave (and Lynn)! I’ve known Dave for many years and enjoyed the years I worked with him. I also enjoyed the emails they have sent detailing their travels. Congratulations, Dave!! You deserve the limelight.

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