Google’s Blogger is Alive and Well


I’ve been using Google’s to create and maintain my personal blog since April of 2003. This past year I started 2 new blogs/websites:, and I used for both of them as well.

Am I Crazy? is a free service from Google, aren’t I afraid that it will disappear someday? While it is possible that Google will discontinue Blogger someday, I’m really not worried for several reasons.

  1. It is host to millions of blogs. People’s personal stories and sometimes their livelihoods.
  2. It operates the way Google likes to operate, completely in the cloud, on Google’s servers. No reason to get rid of it when they can upgrade it at any time.
  3. It integrates smoothly with Google Photos, and I know how committed Google is to Google Photos
  4. Google has made significant upgrades to Blogger during the past year.

The upgrade that really strikes me as saying, “we’re here to stay” is the default SSL security. Any newly created Blog is automatically using a URL starting with HTTPS. That was one of the main reasons I started my last 2 websites on Blogger. Google is leading the charge for all websites to be hosted on secure platforms. If I want to comply, what easier way than to use their platform?!


They Dropped Picasa Didn’t They?

Yes, and I didn’t like that, but I understand why Google retired Picasa. Picasa was computer software. Google can’t control that like they can a web-based system like Blogger and Google Photos. These are completely different animals. In today’s computing environment, speed is essential. A touchstone word is “scalable” – meaning that Google needs to be able to make a product that is capable of being used by 10 people or 10 million people without making major changes. All they have to do is keep adding storage space. Blogger has been scalable since a major change back in 2009 put everything on Google’s servers. Picasa is not, and could not be.

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Blogger is completely free, and it is by far the easiest method out there for making a website. As Geeks on Tour, we’ve helped hundreds of people start their own blog/website. Most of them are personal travel blogs, see this month’s Member Spotlight for an example. Several are business or club websites as well, see, or, or

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