#104 Google Photos Book Launch

Show Notes are for Everyone this Week

  1. Opening: Book and Learning Library December Special
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: A Walkthru of the book
  3. Closing: Picasa still the best for collages

Download .pdf (you’ll see a dropbox login, but you can just close it – no Dropbox account is needed)

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2:40 We hope you want to buy our Google Photos book, but if you want to try before you buy, you can download the first chapter by going to GeeksOnTour.com/freechapter
3:46 image
What’s on the USB Drive?
Basically it is our entire website stored on the 8GB drive. All of our Tutorial Videos, All of our Show Notes, and 7 eBooks
7:13 Demo of the USB Drive
12 Different topic folders with many videos in each. Each video is about 5 minutes long.
What Does This Button Do folder – contains the .pdf files for show notes of 103 shows. This is a value of $103! Just the show notes!
Chris show an example by opening the show notes #76 where the main topic was how to print from your phone or tablet. Every section in the notes has a timeline link in the left column. Click that link and it takes you to the YouTube video right at the point where we demo that section.
The eBooks folder includes 7 books:
imageThe bulk of the contents are tutorial videos, all grouped by topic. You can play the videos directly from the USB drive – no Internet required.

Notice also the folder on Picasa, even a subfolder on Collages with 9 tutorial videos!

14:16 About Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos
imageSign up to get Chapter One for free.image

Chris explains how she designed the book to meet different learning styles. In learning today’s technology, many people do not have the patience or the desire to learn all the background, they just want to know what to do. For them, each section starts with Quick Checklists. Then for those who will read the explanation and background, there are discussions.

For learners who want to be shown how to do things, there are QR codes that, when scanned, will go to a web page with tutorial videos you can watch.

Chris loves Review Questions to check comprehension.

And a special feature for those who like to get the big picture, there are two Flowcharts.


We’ve put a lot of thought into how to make this a “Living” book. It needs to be easily updatable when Google Photos changes! Keep checking on the LearnGooglePhotos.com website for new info.

19:21 Page-turning WakThru of the Book

Detailed Table of Contents

Instructions on how to scan the QR Codes

Quickstart Chapter 1

Several checklists: Get Google Account, Install App, Turn on Settings, Did it work? How to verify, iCloud issue, Android Device Folders, Gather pictures from Computer Drives

QR Code plays 2 videos on how to install Desktop

Uploader 1. on Windows 2. on Mac

page: 23 Chris demonstrates


Flowchart, Chris goes thru the first flowchart in the book:


Review Questions: Chris and Jim go thru the first 3 Review Questions



Page 32: Snapping Pictures of Old Prints

Chris demonstrates using Google’s PhotoScan app

If you want to capture digital photos of prints in an old album, you can just snap a picture of a picture, but you may get a poor quality picture with a lot of glare.

Using PhotoScan, it starts out just like taking a picture of a picture, but it adds one more step – to move the camera to 4 more defined spots on the print. So, you’ve taken 5 photos in total, and PhotoScan merges all 5 into one more perfect image.

The resulting photo has been trimmed to the edges of the print, adjusted the skew, and blended all 5 scans into one photo.

When you tap on Save All, you can go back to Google Photos and the scans you just made are there. You can use any editing features from Google Photos to improve them even further.

32:06 image

The best deal by far is to take advantage of our December special. It’s a combo of the printed Google Photos book, and the USB drive of our entire Geeks on Tour Learning Library. At a value of $96.95, the special is about half-price.

$49 December Special Google Photos Book AND Learning Library on USB

If you’re not interested in the USB drive, and just want the book, there are several ways:

eBook: the eBook is included in your Geeks on Tour membership. Click Here

For links to all the different ways to get the book

GeeksOnTour.com/Google Photos Book

35:16 image

Picasa is not an App for a smartphone, it is software for a computer (either Windows or Mac) It was retired by Google in May of 2016, but it still works just fine. The installation files are available at GeeksOnTour.com for our members.

We especially like it for making collages.

imageChris wrote a book on Picasa also! It is still available on Amazon.

Beginner’s Guide to Picasa on Amazon

We demonstrate how you can still use the special features of Picasa on your computer.

Tutorial video on Making Collages with Google Photos or Picasa

Since Picasa was our specialty for over 10 years, we have LOTS of tutorial videos on it.

GeeksOnTour.com Picasa Tutorial Videos

We even have a 9-video Short Course for Members just on Collages

In the book on pages 92-95 we write about how to work with pictures between Picasa on your computer and Google Photos in the cloud.

40:38 image

Ends at 40:01Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.

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