Embedding Slideshows in Websites

RIP – Picasa Web Albums! A very popular feature of the now retired website called Picasa Web Albums was a super simple way to make a slideshow of your pictures and embed that on a Blog post or any web page. You could let people see all 35 of your best pictures without taking up all that screen space. Just one box for a slideshow and they click the arrows to move to the next or previous photo! See this article I wrote a few months ago about the slideshow’s demise.

Unfortunately, Google Photos has no replacement for the embedded slideshow. But, where there’s a will there’s a way! Using the online “Slides” app from Google Drive, you can add photos directly from Google Photos and create a slideshow that can be embedded. It’s nowhere near as easy as the Picasa Web Albums method though. You need to build the show, slide by slide, just like if you were using PowerPoint. But, when you’re done, it can be published to the web and then embedded in any blog post or web page you like!  Here is the Google Docs Help Center including instructions on using Slides.

Here is a photo slideshow I made using Google Slides. When it was done, I clicked File, Publish to the web, Embed, and chose the small size. Then I copied the iFrame code and pasted that into the code view on this page. Here is the Google help page for publishing and embedding.

Created with Google Slides:

Created with PowerPoint and Shared from OneDrive

Very similar to the Google Slides example above, I used PowerPoint on my computer and then the Insert Photo Album command to get selected photos from my computer and add to the slideshow. After saving it to OneDrive, I went to OneDrive.com, clicked the 3-dot menu and then Embed, and Generate. It creates iFrame code, just like the Google Slides example above. I copy it and paste it here. Here is the OneDrive support page on how to embed files.


If you’re interested in more detail of how to do this, please leave a comment below.


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  1. Hi Chris,
    This looks like I could use this method to embed a power point in my Blogger blog but it seems like it would take the reader a huge amount of time to load if I put the 50 plus pics I have in my now dead blog into it. I would have to include video clips in a different way correct?
    More steps and detail would be appreciated, though.
    Also, when the power point comes up in the blog does it open a new window or does the reader simbly finish looking and return to the blog written material. I wouldn’t want them to be signed out of the blog. Kathy

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