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Get your blog printedIt’s important to understand a little bit about how the web works as it affects our personal websites and blogs. Although you see text, pictures, videos, and links all on the same page – behind the scenes, all the pieces can be ‘hosted’ on different servers. Everything on the web is ethereal, one pulled plug or broken server and things can disappear. Images are especially vulnerable. Thru the years, I’ve made blogs and web pages with different systems that have come and gone. Sometimes the text stays, but the images disappear. It’s a fact of web-life. That’s why we make so many backups!

Keep that in mind the next time you look at your blog. How do you have that backed up? If you love your blog, get a printable copy! You don’t want to see red X’s where the pictures should be!

Here’s how I do it. I use Blog2Print.com and get a .pdf file of each year of my blog. All you have to do is give the address of your blog (Blogger, WordPress or other) and list the range of dates you want. There are a couple of options to specify, like photo size and page breaks. That’s it. Click Order, enter your credit card, and you’ll get your .pdf books emailed to you.

I also like them to print a hard cover, 4 color book, but that can cost up to $100 depending on how much content I have in the year. The .pdf file of the same book is a flat $8.95. So I get a .pdf of every year and I get the hardbound books whenever I can. When I see my blog pages in a printable format, complete with text and pictures, I can breathe easy.  My life’s story is safe. Now, even if the entire Internet should crash and burn (I do worry about these things), I could show you the .pdf file instead. For example, here is 2006’s blog book

A .pdf file of one year of our blog

Do it now, before August 1

Realize that a printed book can’t show any videos, or slideshows. For that reason, I always post some regular photos on blog posts where I have videos or slideshows. I’ve been using Blogger for my blog and Picasa Web Albums, now Google Photos as the host for all my pictures. Picasa Web Albums is retiring on August 1. I’m confident (95% ?) that the pictures will still show in my blog. But …. it still seems like a pretty good time to make that backup, don’t ya think?


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  1. If I save my pictures in my Pictures file on my laptop will that keep them for within my blog? I was using Picasa but I have still retained a copy in my Pictures file as well, labeling them by the year and location the pictures were taken, and date taken.

    Is there a point I should be worried about losing the blog as a whole from Blogger? I have about 2.5 years of blog posts and we do not travel by RV full-time (only 4/6 mos. annually) so I have much less content that someone who blogs daily.

    • If I save my pictures in my Pictures file on my laptop will that keep them for within my blog?

      No. It’s a good idea to have the photos on your computer, but your blog cannot see your computer. It can only see things that are on the web somewhere.

      Is there a point I should be worried about losing the blog as a whole from Blogger?

      In my opinion, there is less of a worry of disappearing from Blogger than elsewhere, but anything on the web has a risk of disappearing. Which is why I breathe much easier once I have a .pdf of each year.

  2. Is it possible to print an ICloud calendar by not using a snipping tool.

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