Facebook Live Streaming

Have you tried Facebook’s new Live Streaming feature yet? It is so incredibly easy! Instead of just posting a photo of your vacation day, you just use your phone’s Facebook app and tap the button that means “Live Streaming.” Instantly, you’re able to talk to your friends and they’ll see the beautiful mountain behind you and the stream running by your feet. This only works on a phone – not a computer. Then, you just start a post like normal, but then tap the option for Live Video. You’ll need to give the video a name, then tap “Go Live.”



As soon as you end the LIVE streaming portion, the video is saved in place on your Timeline. Here is one we did on our Geeks On Tour facebook page that shows a Virtual Reality event we attended.


And, here’s one on our personal timeline that shows us on our kayaks, out in the ocean – about to go scuba diving.