Test Your Smartphone Smarts #5

Here is the fifth in our series of Review Questions from our “What Does This Button Do?” show.  These can’t be graded, but if you want to see the discussion of our answers to these questions, you can click the link provided. The link will take you to the time in the specific episode where we start the discussion of review questions. Since we have produced 79 episodes so far, this “Test Your Smartphone Smarts” will be an ongoing series of posts here.

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Episode #17: Editing Photos Show Notes

  • True or False: you must transfer pictures from your phone or tablet to a computer before you can perform edits.
  • What does Saturation mean?
  • True or False: once you crop something out of your picture, you can never get it back.
Episode #18: Swype Keyboard Show Notes

  • True or False, Swype is built in to every smartphone, you just need to select it in your settings
  • How many fingers does it take to do Swype Typing?
  • How do you enter double letters?
Episode #19: Google+ Photos Show Notes
**Google+ Photos is history, but it was replaced with Google Photos (no +) which is very similar.

  • If a picture is in a Google+ album, is it also in the area called ‘Photos’?
  • If you delete a picture from an album, do you delete the same photo in All Photos?
Episode #20: Scanning Barcodes Show Notes

  • If your phone or tablet does not have a way to scan a barcode, how do you get that?
  • True/False: A QR code can play a video

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