Some Things Never Change

Technology is constantly changing. We spend most of our time trying to keep up!

We’ve been supporting technology for a long time. Chris has been writing about technology over 30 years. She started when she was 5 or 6. Haha.

Here is an article from 1987 about the state of technology then. It was written by Chris Van Valkenburg, that was Chris’ name before she married me. She owned a computer training center called Computer Savvy Workshops back then. While reading it, I swear it could be written today with only a few name changes, and it would still be valid. The first article is titled “Nothing New for 1987 … please.” Let’s change the year to 2016 and just a couple of words, then the opening paragraph becomes …

Usually, in contemplating a new year, you can come up with a wish list of new computers smartphones, software apps, or new features for old software apps. This year my wish is for NOTHING new to happen. There are too many new things on my desk right now.

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