Using Evernote as a Document Scanner

You really don’t have to travel with a document scanner! The Evernote app on your Android or iPhone will do quite nicely once you get the hang of it. If you don’t already have Evernote, you can download it for free from the Play store on Android, or the App store on iPhone. You might also want to watch Episode 54 of our What Does This Button Do live show. In that episode we devoted our beginner’s lesson to Evernote.

Do you Keep Receipts?

One of the things I like to do with Evernote is take pictures of receipts that I feel I need to keep. Even if I also keep the paper copy, having a scanned image is especially good with the thermal paper type of receipts because they fade over time. To substitute for scanning, it’s import to know the difference between taking a regular photo note and a ‘document’ photo note? The receipt on the left is an Evernote Camera note, the one on the right is taken using Evernote’s “Document Camera.”

Picture taken with Evernote Camera
Picture taken with Evernote Camera in Document mode

Use Evernote’s Document Camera

When you open Evernote (on an Android phone) and click the + to add a note, you’ll have several choices: Camera, Attachment, Work Chat, Reminder, Handwriting, Text Note. When you choose Camera, you now have more choices: Document, Camera, Post-IT, and Business Card. What I’m talking about here is Document.

The key is to place the document on a contrasting background and make sure to include some of the background in the picture. Don’t worry, Evernote will crop it out of the finished product. It will also turn the document into clean black and white and even increase the contrast to make it as readable as possible. Really, it’s very close to a scanned results. Then you can file it into the appropriate notebook, with some tags, and you’re done!

Here’s a short video demonstration for Members only.

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