Smartphones and Video–Slow Motion and Time Lapse

imageEX = Explore and Experiment. These are two things you should be doing with your smartphone all the time! Just when you think you can’t possibly find anything new your phone can do, a friend will tap a button that makes magic happen and you’ll ask, “How’d you DO that?” One of those things for me is the fun, speeded up videos that are popping up on Facebook all the time.

I understood the iPhones ability to take Slow Motion video, but in one of our smartphone photography classes a student played with the Time-Lapse setting instead and showed me a video of me walking around the classroom looking like an old Keystone Cops movie! So, that made me explore my phone a bit more, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and I found a setting for Video Recording Mode called Fast motion.


After choosing Fast, you then get to choose how fast? 2X, 4X, or 8X. I chose 8X to record Jim and me working on our backyard patio in the video below. When you take video using this mode, you’ll notice that even after you’ve been filming for a full minute, it’s only registered 7 seconds! It’s SOO easy, no editing involved, no fancy setup. I did all the recording using the phone handheld. No need to worry about sound, it simply doesn’t capture sound at all. I took several video clips during this 3 day project, plus a few photos and normal speed videos. Then I used Google Photos movie making feature to put them together into this one minute movie:

Next time you get out your phone to take a picture, explore the settings – do you find a Time-Lapse or Fast Motion setting? If so, try it! You can always delete the results, but who knows? You may just really like it! Whaddaya say?